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MD5: 3e719a786f7fed2c6e7bd341a508ca60
SHA-1: fa93cd8748c2698d390097bcc3a02fa56c3cced5
SHA-256: 0be0dd364096bc3962bc7fd4b675d4d5d337ec04f921663fc4f622ada16e31c2
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SHA-256: 3160afc7776c77923d206b5353c08cc40841b23b5b8df0b6e905b808d08372bc

Release info

Created by: markus_petrux
Created on: 5 Nov 2009 at 23:44 UTC
Last updated: 7 Nov 2009 at 11:17 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since CCK 6.x-2.5:

IMPORTANT: Please, apply this patch before running update.php for userreference module. More information about this issue:
- #625768: Fatal error while running userreference_update_6002()


  • The main reason to pack this release is to keep CCK in sync with recent changes in Views 2.7 that broke the advanced views feature in Node reference fields.
  • As usual, please make backups before upgrading.
  • Visit update.php and apply pending updates after uploading the new files.


  • #244896 by stella, canaryMason - Add incremental classes for multiple value fields in views.
  • #227129 by - Expose "delta" column in multiple value fields to Views.
  • #531662 by neochief - i18n support. Allow external modules to translate field labels, descriptions and allowed values list as typed in the field settings form.
  • #531662 i18n support for fieldgroups.
  • #558420 Accept trimmed titles in nodereference autocomplete validation to prevent title mismatch errors when title ends with space.
  • #596428 by NancyDru - Allow external modules alter the content type list.


  • #416134 Userreference, impossible to filter allowed values by blocked users. Requires update.php.
  • #545942 warning: array_filter() [function.array-filter]: The first argument should be an array in userreference_update_6002().
  • #521002 Fix validation errors when using optgroups in allowed values for select elements.
  • #550252 by GuyPaddock - content_db_index_exists produces SQL errors when creating node reference fields for MySQL 4 (related to #231453).
  • #551280 by xurizaemon - Typo fix for "this field cannot hold more that 3 values" error message.
  • #558744 by chellomere - Fix one of the swedish translation strings to be correct, and much clearer.
  • #562260 by przadka - content_db_index_exists() has wrong syntax for PostgreSQL.
  • #567168 by jcmarco - Checkbox required not defined for on/off widgets.
  • #568430 by Jody Lynn - Bad @see in content-field.tpl.php.
  • #572672 by Jan van Diepen - Remove redundant (and bad) inclusion of node/ in content_copy_import_form_submit().
  • #585048 Setting "All users" in "User status that can be referenced" option reverts to "Blocked users".
  • #589306 warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in includes/panels/content_types/ on line 166.
  • #605152 by pokurek - Missing number formatter fr_2.
  • #604830 by mattyoung - 32 characters limit on field and group identifiers in "Manage fields" screen.
  • #464030 by eojthebrave - Typo in content_copy.module help.
  • #614292 by DeFr - Fix CCK Reference fields based on views broken by recent change in views_plugin_style Views 2.7 (#502348).


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