My feature request is viewing the results of individual users, like advanced poll does. Here's an example:

I think it would be fairly simple - adding a tab called "Votes" to the node which runs a query which returns all votes on the pollfield, in 3 columns: User, Date, Vote. I guess where this functionality differs slightly from Advanced Poll is that pollfield allows for many polls to be added to a single node, so perhaps "Votes" should show the results for all pollfields on a particular node?


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I would like to add an "optionally" to this feature request. ;)

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Yes, agreed - through a "View all votes" permission, or something like that.

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Thinking about this:

I don't think this should be a permission. At least it shouldn't be limited to this permission. There has to be a pollfield setting for each poll which allows to inspect individual nodes.

Think of "touchy" polls where voters might give radical, insensitive or otherwise "inapropriate" choices. To encourage them of being honest it would be very helpful if you could make individual votes "private".
Even on normal politcal polls users might feel better if they know that their vote cannot be associated to them.
On the other hand it can be very handy or fun or whatever to associate votes with individual users depending on the nature of the poll question.

This is a sensitive matter and should be dealt with care and thoughtfulness.

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Is there some way to abstract this functionality to Views? Just thinking off the top of my head here, but it seems like this field should really focus on creation and storage of information. But when you start talking about the conditional display of information that falls into other framework's territory. Not sure...

I think about webform, which is a super great and powerful module. However, the information inside of it (people's webform submissions) is hard to display in a flexible fashion because it's not easily exposable to views. Should we work on an API for poll votes to expose them to views?

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Again, I should have done more reading before posting...but this looks exactly like what Mario is planning.

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@dddave: what if it were a permission and implemented per poll? That way if a particular poll was set to not view individual votes, then even if a user had the "View all votes" they couldn't...although at some point there would need to be an admin permission which can actually view all votes, regardless of permissions.

@bryan: yip, looks like it's in the works - Mario said maybe sometime before 2010. An API for poll votes to expose them to views sounds like the correct approach to me.

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I think this would be a good way to go. Making poll votes reviewable per se like this raises some "philosophical" concerns but for administration purposes it is worth it.

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Is this feature implemented yet? I could of sworn I was able to view the votes cast on each poll on the backend, but maybe I was looking at the database.

The release notes of the latest version aren't exactly clear on what were improved (ie. Admin Permissions).

If this feature is available, would you mind explaining how to get to it.


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Not there yet, it will come out in dev soon, this weekend maybe.

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Subscribing. Thanks

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Priority: Normal » Minor

Not a high priority right now, but still a good idea in the long run. I think we should still make sure that this is primarily controlled outside of pollfield.