Does anyone use for their web hosting? I'm getting ready to try and install Drupal on my server hosted by them. Unfortuantely, I don't have telnet access so I have to do the SQL stuff via their web interface.

Also, some of the defaults that Drupal needs for PHP and whatnot are not set on the ipowerweb machines. The Drupal documentation makes mention they can be changed in the .htaccess file. Unfortuantely, I've not messed with .htaccess to do anything like that in years. Anyone here that can give me a refresher on how this applies to the Drupal install?

Thanks a ton! Any help GREATLY appreciated. I'm on a tight schedule to get a site up and running and I'll be learnign alot of this Drupal stuff on the fly.



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I emailed ipoweredweb 3~5 times about their plans, never replied. I called, put on hold for 20 minutes, and the guy was very unfriendly and impatient. I'd stay away from them. There are lots of companies, on, with better price, more features, and much better service.

As of .htaccess, it comes with drupal. All you have to do is let the admin enable .htaccess by adding, AllowOverride All.

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and never had any probblems. Installed Moveable Type just fine. As far as service, again, I've not had any trouble with them the few times I've needed help. Sad to hear you've had that bad experience, I hope they are willing to work with me as they have in the past, 'cause the price for the bandwidth and drive space has been pretty good for me.

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Is there something comign for them that I'm not aware of?

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it is true that you have towait for a long time sometimes - but if you call in the evening there's almost never a wait
also, you just have to ask for access to hidden files - and then they request it from their tech guys - and, boom, you can see all hidden files.


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You don't need to contact tech support to get hidden files to show. (Well, okay, I called 'em the first time. But now that I know how to, I don't have to anymore. Neither will you.)

  1. Log into your vdeck control panel.
  2. Click Preferences link (shown across top at right; icon is little green wrench)
  3. Page refreshes to Preferences and Settings page. Scroll down to last section, called File Manager and click the checkbox next to Show System Files. Then click the Update button.

Now files beginning with a dot (.) such as .htaccess will show in the control panel file manager.

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BETWEEN MAJOR HEADACHES OR SEAMLESS WEBSITE OPERATION. SITE5 is great for other names just contact me. NO NO: ipowerweb, NETFIRMS (good to buy domain names thought!)

Trust me you don`t want to host your site with either of netfirms or ipowerweb (and other companies under which they market their brand)...I`m discussing this from experience.
Netfirms is a webhost for Mom and Pop`s websites with no web2.0 features, forget about setting crone task to remind your clients about things and automating tasks,
forget about having multilanguage mysql support...every request is painful...and at the end they say: we don`t do it now, maybe in the future.

Ipowerweb is bad too, the servers will be DOWN constantly making you loose valuable customers.

I have a great experience with site5 I am no way affiliated to them, although they do give commission to referrals but I prefer
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Site5 is great, no problems with set your crons, mysql through phpmyadmin, everything is just great...I`ve had my site
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I'm trying to install Drupal on one of their servers and I get :

The following error must be resolved before you can continue the installation process:

We were unable to lock a test table on your MySQL database server. We tried locking a table with the command LOCK TABLES drupal_install_test WRITE and MySQL reported the following error: Access denied for user: 'userid@localhost' to database 'db_drupal'.

right off the bat with the install.php script.

Drupal requires LOCK TABLES and CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES permissions, at least on the installation; iPowerWeb doesn't give you those permissions with their stock hosting plans.


Rich Yumul

Rich Yumul

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* There servers are never down
* Pricewise .... very cheap

* ZERO customer service... if you sign up with them... you are on your own... even when they f*** up in a migration.
* Once you create an email account and without giving it to anyone you will start getting tons of spam which means either they or one of their employees sell those email accounts... they say they have a junk.spam filter but it doesn't really work ... EMAIL with them is useless unless you have your own spam filter software and that costs money.
* content for many of my sites was always changing and at first I thought it was me but I found out that they deploy patches to their servers without notifying anyone.
* they have no real control panel to control your DNS, Domain and to get your ownership information for you domain updated, registrar key info or any of that....
* If you register your domain with them ... it will be impossible to transfer to another service, they will lock it and you won't get a hold of anyone to help you do so.
* if you use any of their features/plugins (wordpress, phpnuke, etc.. .) you will most likely lose alot because they will upgrade and break things, flush your DB without notifying you know and again no CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Wesam A Abdallah

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ipowerweb has recently revamped their control panel (an initiative lasting well over 4 months: started late Oct 2007 and completed by Feb 2008) and I am ever since looking for a substantial improvement. This company is not terrible, it is simply unsuitable to be in this business. Frequent outages, substandard performance, unknowledgeable support, poor feature set, and despite their claim, they are definitely not hacker safe! A good idea 5 years ago, but no longer of this time.

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I signed up with ipowerweb for our church website based on someones recommendation. I think I canceled the account within 2 days. Apparently ipowerweb sold and what was once a good solid, consistent webhost became a terrible, unreliable, unsupportive webhost. The only good thing I can say about them is that they did refund my money, but again, I was only with them for a day. has worked for me. They are in the same price range, use cPanel instead of vDeck, offer multiple sql databases, have responsive support and have data centers located in my state.