Release info

Created by: ufku
Created on: October 14, 2009 - 20:43
Last updated: July 2, 2015 - 10:23
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features

Release notes

Changes from 6.x-1.x to 6.x-2.x

  • dynamic CSS sprites.
  • bueditor.js got smaller.
  • new buttons for the default editor: Underline, Strike-through, Quote, Code
  • ability to extend editor instances via post process functions.
  • proper support for selection handling in Opera
  • open() method of popups and dialogs now accepts DOM or jQuery objects as content.
  • new popup markup for better theming.
  • popup shortcuts: ESC(close), ENTER(link click), UP & DOWN (link navigation)
  • improved admin interface: drag & drop, visual icon and key selector.
  • ability to include library files from different directories.
  • ability to include custom css files.
  • import/export complete editor settings, icons, and libraries.
  • IMCE now opens in an editor pop up.
  • No need for php buttons to get IMCE URL which is now stored in Drupal.settings.BUE.imceURL(or BUE.imce.url when the bue.imce library is used)
  • new E.prvAjax() method for live previewing html or non-html markup with the help of Ajax Markup module.
  • new optional library files:
    • bue.autocomplete.js: enables AC inside textareas for a set of predefined text pairs.
    • bue.ctrl.js: converts access keys into CTRL shortcuts.
    • bue.find.js: enables search and replace inside textareas.(Depends on: popup, html)
    • bue.history.js: cross-browser undo-redo functionality for textareas.
    • bue.html.js: introduces HTML creating and parsing methods.
    • bue.imce.js: integrates IMCE file browser in a popup.(Depends on: popup)
    • auto inserts list items.
    • bue.misc.js: miscellaneous methods used in default editor.(Depends on: popup, html)
    • bue.popup.js: introduces editor popups: E.dialog & E.quickPop
    • bue.popup.css: experimental CSS3 styling of editor popups
    • bue.preview.js: introduces preview methods E.prv(), E.prvAjax()
    • enables indent(TAB), unindent(Shift+TAB) and auto-indent(ENTER) inside textareas
    • bue.min.default.js: minified sum of popup, html, preview, imce, and misc libraries
    • bue.min.all.js: minified sum of all libraries
  • new quick-import templates:
    • bbcode.bueditor.txt: BBCode editor having equivalent buttons of the default editor.
    • commenter.bueditor.txt: Simple editor having no library dependency.
    • default.bueditor.txt: The default editor having various buttons inserting HTML.
    • lab.bueditor.txt: BUEditor lab for experimental code.