I'd like to be able to take one term and split it into two or more distinct terms. For example, lets say I have a series of nodes with the term "AB", I'd like to add the terms "X" and "Y" to the same nodes and delete "AB". Essentially this would be the opposite of merging.

I've installed this module and looked around the documentation and issue queue, but couldn't find any pointers.

If there's currently no way to do this, and some people are interested in testing out this function, I may be interested in implementing it myself. I have a huge number of node with badly broken taxonomy and this feature would help a lot.


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Version: 6.x-2.1 » 6.x-2.x-dev
Category: support » feature

This seems to me like it would be quite a common use case. Users on a site often incorrectly separate terms; for example, I've often seen 'foo; bar' which is most likely intended to be two terms.

Changing this to a feature request.

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Brilliant Module! This issue (splitting terms) is a huge problem for us. We have many users who create a term such as "planning and cost" then others utilise it, when they should have entered "planning , cost" and thus created two separate terms.

If we could split that term into two terms it would be fantastic.

I have scoured the Issue Queue and could only find this request that I think applies. I know that you are all madly working on the D7 issues but is it possible for someone to 'knock this one up' ? Is there a plan to be able to do this?