Thank you for this module, but i have the following issue : any time i try to update from CCK Fieldgroup Tabs 6.x-1.x-dev (2008-Oct-01) to 6.x-1.0 (2009-Aug-19), i loose all my tabs.

Once, i got the tabs back after clearing caches, but from time to time i loose tabs and all infos in tabs is not displayed !

So i went back to CCK Fieldgroup Tabs 6.x-1.x-dev (2008-Oct-01) and it works.

D6.13, jQuery UI 6.x-1.3, Tabs (jQuery UI tabs) 6.x-1.2... all other modules uptodate.

Do others encounters the same issue ?

Thank you.


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Same problem here can't see my tabs

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Odd. Could you point to a page showing this problem, or else post any Javascript error that's reported? Thanks.

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There is a change in the jQuery Tabs version, when using jQuery Tabs from jQuery UI 1.6 (the one from last Tabs Module dev-version) you need to made changes in your overrided CSS classes.
Please check your css and made changes if necessary. I found that issue, but it was fixed checking all the css definitions.

Other issue with class name is from jQuery UI 1.7 where the active tab class becomes ui-tabs-selected instead active and Tabs Module doesn't work without that change in the code.

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Title: cck_fieldgroup_tabs destroy tabs » Tabs don't work with jQuery UI version 1.7+
Project: CCK Fieldgroup Tabs » Tabs (jQuery UI tabs)
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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

Marking as dupe of #577902: Add compatibility with jQuery UI 1.7, since that issue has a patch.

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Why do you speak about jQuery UI 1.7 as i am on jQuery UI 6.x-1.3, Tabs (jQuery UI tabs) 6.x-1.2 ??

Is the patch applicable to my case ?

Thank you

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Title: Tabs don't work with jQuery UI version 1.7+ » Tabs don't work with jQuery UI version 1.3


i reset the title to original.

i tried other tests and the issue come as soon as i enable jQuery UI 6.x-1.3.


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Status: Closed (duplicate) » Active