G'Day and thanks again for a great module.

In several of my applications, we have a biblio installation provided to users of an secure collaboration site. So these collections of citations grow and grow quite nicely...then one day the Communications people note that they would really like to provide public access to the Biblio collection, in their public theme, and without people needing to login.

Option1: Periodically replicate the Biblio database to the public website
- Biblio does not seem to support a comprehensive export that I can see. We have several CCK fields added to the Biblio type to link biblio nodes into the rest of the system (imagine need to see a list of publications filtered on an internal project number). So any export from Bilbio would need to scoop up all the cck fields as well...and on the other side, an import agent would need to likewise handle both Biblio's structures as well as the cck values.

Option2: Figure out how to segment the biblio collection on the extranet using nodeaccess or other Drupal ACL modules
- Possible, but not desireable because the ACL modules are complicated, fiddly, and don;t always play well with Biblio. (I have nodeaccess grants denying public view of biblio right now, and biblio happily reveals itself anyway)

Option 3: The subject line of this query...see if there's a way to open up a webservices interface to the Biblio collection so that the public site can offer a search interface.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated. I'm also happy to consider paid engagement for bona fide bilbio gurus!



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Hi John,

Option 3 is most likely the best approach, the $64,000 how to implement it. I notice there are a few "Web Service" modules being developed which seem to fit your needs quite well, in particular Web Services and the upcoming Web Services API and Services. Web Services is a fork of Services, so I don't know at this point which one will be predominant. I suspect "Web Services" will fit your requirements better, but it's a little less mature. Of course there would still have to be some "Biblio" specific client/server code written to make it all work.


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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

With CCK integration, this could be resolved with use of XML export functionality in Views Bonus Pack, so marking as duplicate of #682044: Support fields (CCK) in D7 Bibliography Module.