There's a fatal error when deleting a term. I was cleaning up my free-tagging vocabulary, removing any terms with no corresponding nodes.

Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in /sites/all/modules/xmlsitemap/xmlsitemap_taxonomy/xmlsitemap_taxonomy.module on line 180

I don't have any other taxonomy related modules, as far as I know.


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Marking as critical since it's a fatal error.

The (obvious) work around is to temporarily disable the XML sitemap taxonomy module, delete some terms, and re-enable the module.

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I'm on it.

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Thanks for the report. This internal taxonomy.module form workflow is just horrible, but I think I've got it fixed in CVS now. I tested deleting a term and it worked. Hopefully taxonomy.module can or is already fixed up in Drupal 7.

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Form API isn't my strong point, but will it be okay to change line 180 from:

$form['submit'] += array('#weight' => 50);

$form['submit']['#weight'] = 50;

Tested and seems to work. Will roll patch soon. (There are some other instances of the += operator that probably want looking at, too.)

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Status: Active » Fixed

The change in #4 wouldn't be enough, because you'd see that the XML sitemap fieldset would be added to the delete confirm form, which doesn't make sense. This is fixed in CVS now.

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Thanks! Looks like we're both scratching this one at the same time.

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Ok. I can report that the CVS fix works. Here's what it is, for anyone who wants to fix this error, without pulling down an entirely new version of the module:

function xmlsitemap_taxonomy_form_taxonomy_form_term_alter(&$form, $form_state) {
/* Because the same form is used for deletion in confirm_form, we must check
    if the normal editing form elements are present. Hopefully this is fixed in Drupal 7. */
 if (isset($form['identification'])) {
  if ($form['#term']['tid']) {
    $term = xmlsitemap_taxonomy_taxonomy_term_load($form['#term']['tid']);
  else {
    $term = (object) $form['#term'];
  $term->vid = $form['vid']['#value'];
  $link = xmlsitemap_taxonomy_create_link($term);

  // Add the link options.
  module_load_include('inc', 'xmlsitemap', 'xmlsitemap.admin');
  xmlsitemap_add_form_link_options($form, $link);

  $form['xmlsitemap']['#access'] |= user_access('administer taxonomy');
  if (user_access('administer taxonomy')) {
    $form['xmlsitemap']['priority']['#description'] .= ' ' . t('The default priority for this vocabulary can be changed here.', array('@link-type' => url('admin/content/taxonomy/edit/vocabulary/' . $term->vid, array('query' => drupal_get_destination()))));

  // The submit and delete buttons need to be weighted down.
  $form['submit'] += array('#weight' => 50);
  if (isset($form['delete'])) {
    $form['delete'] += array('#weight' => 51);

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.