I moved the location of my drush from /var/aegir/drush to var/aegir/.drush and this cause the dispatch to stop working. I changed the location in the platform node, but it still wasn't working. The problem was that i hd to change it in the crontab as well, here's how:

1) make sure you are the aegir user:
su -aegir

2) edit your crontab
crontab -e

3) choose an editor

Select an editor.  To change later, run 'select-editor'.
  1. /usr/bin/vim.tiny
  2. /bin/ed
  3. /bin/nano        <---- easiest

Choose 1-3 [3]: 3

3) update the location to your drush install

 */1 * * * * (php '/var/aegir/.drush/drush/drush.php' hosting dispatch --root='/var/aegir/drupal-6.x')


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