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MD5: d20669111ff3e528a233a14247df42de
SHA-1: 8c4e3e3c44428cf2ea61c940464add79b65bf549
SHA-256: b9720d1c840510561372d6facccfe4b915a34592b8621eb341870582738051d6
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MD5: 81d5a959321c0bc605e5d4741d5c1767
SHA-1: 9debcf5e94487981ef3e331c3f151fb44936092e
SHA-256: 9ead98f33b45800320834d79d0eb4d6b9b7e42c6c47d90b3b8ef47df59ca2af4

Release info

Created by: markus_petrux
Created on: August 3, 2009 - 21:19
Last updated: August 12, 2009 - 20:38
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since CCK 6.x-2.4:


  • As usual, please make backups before upgrading.
  • A few CCK core files have been added and/or removed from the package in this release. It is recommended that you delete all of the CCK core files (including subdirectories cck/help, cck/includes, and so on) and then install the new CCK core files extracted from the 2.5 package. There is no need to disable/delete modules within the CCK directory, although they should be the most recent versions.
  • Please visit update.php to apply pending updates after installing the new files.
  • It also worths to mention that Panels 3 integration has been reviewed and enhanced with display options for fields and field groups.
  • IMPORTANT: All sites using Diff module with CCK for Drupal 6 are strongly encouraged to upgrade to CCK 2.5 (see #538872: Diff doesn't respect cck permissions).


  • #428650 Conditional cache/menu rebuild for content CRUD methods.
  • #334945 Save default values when field is hidden because of access permissions.
  • #503258 by eaton: allow 'extra fields' to provide 'configure' and 'remove' links.
  • #505278 Panels 3 and multiple node type fields.
  • #495582 Reviewed Panels 3 integration (prep work for combo / multigroups). Implementation of fieldgroup_view_group() that can be used to render field groups.
  • #417122 by quicksketch: allow drupal_alter on field and widget settings.
  • #514452 Add new argument $node to content_access() to enhance the context for hook_field_access().
  • #523072 by merlinofchaos - Have nodereference relationships limit CCK field availability as well.
  • #519870 by joachim - Add a note to say offset starts from 0 in grouping options for views handler for multiple values fields.
  • #231453 Allow fields index their columns. Implemented for reference value column in node and user reference fields. Needs update.php.
  • #521002 by mh86 - Support for optgroups in allowed values for select elements.


  • #499696 by DeFr - Noderefernce / Userreference: fix Views mode when the view has exposed filters.
  • #498924 #multiple FAPI attribute is used for a radios and checkboxes in content export forms.
  • #409144 Review extra elements for node edit form provided by core modules.
  • #361473 CCK fieldgroup panels doesn't respect CCK field privacy settings.
  • #515984 Multiple field delta ORDER BY incorrect.
  • #414298 by Michelle, merlinofchaos - Follow up to remove (it was moved to panels/content_types).
  • #522112 by hefox, prevent malformed condition for vid IN () in views handler for multiple values fields.
  • #505278 by Michelle, merlinofchaos - Provide backward compatibility with previous method to build Panels 3 subtype names for fields.
  • #523864 Minor coding style issues in Panels 3 relationships implementations.
  • #481568 by merlinofchaos - Empty property error when attempting to save a user reference in Panels.
  • #510396 by yched - Use field/type definition to render fields in views.
  • #393020 by auth - Fieldgroup data is lost when importing to module provided content type with group info for existing fields.
  • #538872 Diff does not respect field permissions.