Am very pleased to see the IMCE Crop module, any chance of any of the following, I suspect as modules:

  • Change (a) brightness (b) contrast (c) Gamma
  • Rotate (a) 90-deg (b) Any angle (c) Straighten (line on image)
#2 imce_rotate.tar_.gz9.61 KBNaX
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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Closing 6.x-1.x issues as this branch is no more supported.

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I needed rotate functionality, mostly for my Mac users because Mac seems to uses EXIF tags to set orientation and the users dont understand when they upload an image to the website and its not what they see on their computer.

So I hacked together a imce_rotate module. Its originally based on imce_rename and imce_crop.

Hope it helps.

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I'm always so amazed to see such an active community for Drupal...
As I am not so good at developping modules, is there any chance to see IMCE Rotate ported to Drupal 7?

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I've got a D7 module for IMCE Rotate in a project application review/sandbox phase (it works though!) right now. You can check it out and review it if you want to see it as a full D7 project:

The sandbox page is:

NaX, I cite your work on the D6 version above. Thanks!