I've used the vertical tabs JS as set up here (which uses jquery-1.3.2.js):


It works very well when optimize JavaScript files is DISabled, but fails (leaving the page a mess) with optimization is enabled. This is true no matter what setting jquery_update's compression level is at (development or production).

If you've got a lot of content you want to get on one page, vertical tabs are the only way to go from a usability standpoint. What should be my procedure to resolve this issue?


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yeah I feel your pain. For now I don't have any advice on how to resolve the issue.

The key problem is how Drupal smashes together all of the JS files into a single file. Jquery really, really hates that. Compressing the script twice is also not making things better either.

For now if I use jquery methods on anon pages I can't compress the javascript and expect the page to load.