When i set the output to percentage i'l get this error when viewing the node;
warning: Division by zero in C:\wamp\www\ashladan2\sites\all\modules\fivestar\fivestar_field.inc on line 297.

don't think this is good :)

#7 fivestar-531200-a.patch901 bytesezra-g
#2 fivestar-531200.patch901 bytesezra-g


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I've got exactly the same problem. Any ideas?

line 297 is "}"...

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901 bytes

We can't do any of the calculations without both the rating and # of stars values, so we should probably return 0. Does this patch help?

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ezra-g, can you make a simple find an replace for non coder users? thx!

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@demon326 -- Check out http://drupal.org/node/323498 for instructions on applying a patch ;). It's not too hard :).

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ezra-g, it's not working.. you also forget to add a "}" after the return round(100/$element['#item']['rating'], 1)/$element['#field']['stars']; line, and it stays saying that the above line is the problem..

the full code block:

/* * Theme function for 'percentage' fivestar field formatter.
 function theme_fivestar_formatter_percentage($element) {
 if (empty($element['#item']['rating']) || empty($element['#item']['stars'])) {
    return 0;

   return round(100/$element['#item']['rating'], 1)/$element['#field']['stars'];
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@demon326: Did you actually apply and review this patch? It resolves the issue for me, and there is no missing bracket in the code once it is applied.

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901 bytes

Turns out this needed a slight change - to check for empty($element['#field']['stars']) instead of empty($element['#item']['stars'])) .

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Status: Needs review » Fixed

This is now committed.

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This bug also showed up for me on the search results page when a fivestar-enabled content type was included in the results

however, in my testing on the search results page, the '$element['#field']['stars']' is always empty but '$element['#item']['stars']' always has a value

are there cases where '$element['#field']['stars']' has a value?

maybe if the function is entered in some other page other than search results?

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Are you getting this error on the same line as reported in this issue, with the latest dev release?

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.