Drigg was started as a bug free drupal based alternative to pligg. At least that's what I think. I haven't used pligg in while but, from the looks of it, it looks like pligg has evolved a lot since. So, where do u guys think drigg stands in comparison to pligg. And is drigg really worth the effort and resources put into it compared to pligg ? I know for someone who already has a drupal site drigg might be the only option but, for most people who just want a stand alone social bookmarking site what do u think is a better alternative ? I am guessing people here are going to be biased towards drupal and hence drigg but, I'd like to know ur opinion anyway. I'm sorry if this isn't the right place for this.


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I have a Pligg site and am now just trying Drigg for a new one. Pligg has some nice features and many more themes but when it comes to performance there are some clear limitations. Mind you, my Pligg site is one of the bigger ones. So I'm going to be interested to see how well Drigg works. I tried the Pligg importer to see if I could test Drigg but it times out (I'm guessing that the Pligg performance problem is at fault there).

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Well, considering drigg has been abandonned by TOny and that no other developper on earth found it worthwhile to maintain this project, you better go with pligg.
Me I have 2 drigg sites, they work fine, but I use them as the minimum, it's just for backlinks, not user interactions, plus I use the autovoting function to make it look as a real digg, it's not.

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what about taking it over to drupal 7? I would like to maintain, if there are some others helping ...

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Yes there are other helping, for 2-3 weeks and then they disappear.
I wouldn't mind a version 7 but I don't believe it is likely to happen, it's been what? 2 years without devellopment? And the version 6 was never a recommended release, always in dev although it is working..

Good luck and if you stick, and go through, many will appreciate your work.

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In this page http://drupal.org/project/drigg, I find that mercmobily commited 1 week ago. I think mercmobily keeps on developing the Drigg.
I used the Pligg three years ago. Now, I'm trying to use the Drigg. In my opinion, the Pligg is more popular than the Drigg, but the Drigg is more potential than the Pligg.

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Don't be happy too soon, last merc's commit was 2 full years ago, and this time he commited very small things, but yes, perhaps after 2 years off the project he may be one day deciding to port drigg to drupal 7, I hope it too, but honestly I followed the project since the first release on drupal 5, and I have been disapointed several times by the lack of motivation from drupal developpers to join this wonderful project and make it grow or at least maintain it correctly like other popular modules.

I hope your optimism will be justified in the near future, I sincerely hope so, Merc if you still read the issues of your project, remember how in 3 months you created it from nothing, and know that there are still people using it and it is ok for production, even the version 6 which is still in dev, it's working fine!

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there's a beta-release of drigg from 25th of dec 2010. I can't test it because I run d7 already quite smoothly. So I will wait if there is anything about to happen with it for d7. If not, I would like to collect 2,3 co-maintainers to start a project like this from scratch. Maybe I can ask the devs of drigg to help out a lil' with their experiences? If they have not enough time to run it faster, I absolutely understand that. But, I think it should be a bigger project on drupal repository because of the fact that sites like digg are widely used social network sharing tools and drupals main focus and main power lies on socialnetworking kind of websites.

anyhow ... does anyone of you guys tried to click and drop something similar together with the "link as node" module (don't know the exact name) and by working on views and blocks? I think many drupal users do it this way and let it better run individually so ... Would love to hear, if there are some experienced ...

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Although the module works great on 6.x (I am using it production) we seriously need co maintainer.

One of the reason it is hard to find a co-maintainer is perhaps drigg duplicates lot of functionality available elsewhere in more popular drupal modules. For examples instead of using CCK, drigg chose to create its own content type (may be there were valid reason that time). But I think for drigg to survive and really scale (in terms of future development) a lot of code need to be removed. Looking at a very high level , cck, views, voting API (and related modules) and rules should give you most of the drigg functionality.

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I agree with you, I'm running a high traffic site: http://highdeas.com (2 Million uniques/month) running drigg on pressflow 6 running apc, varnish, memcache, and solr for search and all my bottlenecks are drigg module related at the database layer, specifically sql queries and table indexing. I've gone through and stripped out functionality I didn't require, i.e. user karma, which shows as a dependency but I removed it and drigg functions fine without it (after removing it as a dependency from drigg.info and commenting out a line in the drigg_user module), optimized a ton of poorly written code and what made the biggest difference was re-writing the blocks queries (popular/upcoming) they were the worst performance wise.

Instead of continually hacking a dead module, I decided to do exactly what you suggested, build a new version of the site using cck, views, voting api, voting up/down (easy drop in replacement for extra voting forms which has more features and is actively developed), my only issue is the promotion method(s). I'm looking into the rules module, but it doesn't officially support voting api, but there are some community patches. Have any suggestions/insight into this or another method/module to get the promotion functionality?

Thanks in advance!

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I would suggest if rules not yet officially support voting API, why not try to get that support in Rules? Perhaps submit patches or pay someone to submit patches. You are more likely get support in the long term through more popular modules than trying one of solutions again.

DO you mind writing more about your recepies or any gotchas you found while converting to cck, views? We all looking for doing same now that it doesn't look like there is any future for drigg.

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@ajayg I completly agree with you. The drigg_ui.module needs to be either re-written or go away. There are so many ways to use taxonomy with menu, that this coding seems a little outdated. I am currently working on a digg-like clone that uses:

CCK so you can add whatever fields you like
Vote Up/Down so you have your widgets
Views so you can customize the threads to your liking
Drupal For Facebook for connecting/sharing/liking
Twitter for direct posts to twitter
Advanced profile Kit to create nice user pages
Panels to support APK

... and more util modules that will support those above

I think that the all in one solution for Drigg was a nice thought and props to merc/tony for creating it, but it stunts you from adding cool features easily. Granted sifted through the code in the 13 -14 modules included with drigg was fun :) but I think with a little finesse I could do the same thing with some contributed modules already out there. The tricky part will be the auto-vote mechanism. I like a challenge though... so off to it.

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Title: Drigg vs Pligg » Drigg alternatives

@baf139 What drigg-like clone are you using? Is it a project available on Drupal.org?

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Currently i am putting aside my DRIGGING. I was in the process of building a custom site using the modules i mentioned before... basically starting from scratch with vote up/down.

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To be honest the single most interesting feature is the autovoting, it's the only way to get a drigg site started if you don't have a site/community to help you get the momentum.
Would be nice to have a module which does the autovoting (per node type) via vote up/down module.

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I have a Pligg site that is very large now and it simply doesn't scale. See:

So also looking at alternatives. Very disappointing after all the time and dollars invested in it but no one seems to have a good answer.

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have any of you tried hotaru? http://hotarucms.org/ its a cms but most people using it make digg sites. i plan to make some digg like sites as well from this cms, once i have hooked up my aegir/drupal network.

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Hotaru is abandoned too :(

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You might find Disqus useful. It doesn't have up and downvotes in the truest sense but it does allow users to "like" and promote comments. See http://disqus.com/admin/drupal/

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I think Pligg is the best option beside Drigg, but unfortunately Pligg is bad for handling spams

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Not a complete Drupal solution, but I wanted to throw in that I created a Reddit integration module which allows for a Subreddit page. It doesn't have full comment support yet.


Be aware that they are still sandbox projects and they might have serious issues still. I'm working on getting reviews so they can be added to to contrib.