In a development had to use the pagination module, but drupal is in version 5. So we ported the pagination module to Drupal 5

It is a version with little testing, but functional.

A greeting karlos g liberal

p.D send in tar.gz

pagination.tar_.gz.txt9.22 KBkarlosgliberal
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Hi there,

Thanks so much for your efforts, I'll review it as soon as I can and post it. I'm not sure if I have the time to maintain a 5.x branch but if the code is similar enough it shouldn't be too much effort to roll in major updates. Again, thanks for contributing this back.

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Hi there,

It is true that at the moment is not very interesting to create and maintain a module for the 5.x branch But in our case, a client asked us what makes your module and it seemed more interesting to the port to do something custom.

The port module is the same as in the branch but the api 6.x Drupal 5.x I think that maintenance is easy.

Anyway if you want you can help with at this point.

Greetings again

Karlos g liberal

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@karlosgliberal I appreciate your effort of porting pagination to drupal 5, but similar functionality module Paging http://drupal.org/project/paging already has a drupal 5 stable release and a development branch. Paging module is much more supported and mature than Pagination.

Also we always try to avoid duplication in drupal projects. So in my opinion instead of opening a new branch for drupal 5 please try using Paging D5 release http://drupal.org/node/365403

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Test the paging module, but we like yours more. Anyway you're right does not make sense to create a new branch when the paging module for Drupal 5.x

Thanks for your attention

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Hi there,

Just to clarify, I (mundanity) am the project maintainer, the comment about Paging was not from me (although I definitely encourage those who want a maintained Drupal 5 module to check out their solution). Personally, I greatly appreciate the effort you went to to port to Drupal 5, and will make a note on the main Pagination page to direct those interested to this thread. If you allow, I may list this at a future date if enough people are interested, but definitely, I'd prefer to concentrate on Drupal 6.

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