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MD5: a39827a5430373ab8508f2773b0bc6ea
SHA-1: 84dec473ed4dca560fa847f057d11bb377355b46
SHA-256: 13d296c483704e92a30acecd9efe8672e0c89641b3c53ed17275798d20fba97d
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MD5: a114fe7417ddea08b0c81eac860afe20
SHA-1: eb0a4da53f1c49779b54b9f1f2f33b75bb8e11e3
SHA-256: f0a759dfd9f8f50c0dd0c793aa1130f2281fbb80594becd4266eae93b76b509b

Release info

Created by: merlinofchaos
Created on: 10 Jun 2009 at 22:09 UTC
Last updated: 10 Jun 2009 at 22:16 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x

Release notes

Bugs fixed

  • #419226 by kelvincool: Respect admin theme during views ajax operations.
  • #419270 by voxpelli: set_where_group() could fail if no previous groups.
  • #422054 by yhahn: Protect exports from impropertly indenting multiline strings.
  • #437070 by mikeryan: Base table formerly limited to 32 characters.
  • #317271 by quicksketch: ensure_my_table() limited to one relationship per table.
  • #441520 by jonathan1055: Allow the "time ago" date format to work on future dates as well.
  • #445398 by casey: reduce_value_options() using wrong value array.
  • #451370 by skwashd: base.js had some DOS line endings.
  • #454754 by dww: Fix PGSQL related errors with comment author filtering.
  • #384286 by dww: Make it possible to expose the filter for "Node: Has new content"
  • #463634 by alienbrain: "Empty field name" incorrectly specified.
  • #463580 by ximo: AJAX summary links broken in some displays.
  • #468336 by psynaptic: Fix broken hook_views_admin_links_alter
  • #422868 by mattman: Breadcrumbs not properly substuting % replacements.
  • #440676 by dereine and Razorraser: View import form crashed on empty view input.
  • #461842 by dereine: Use gmtime() instead of format_date() to prevent localization of dates in RSS feeds.
  • #316556 by darrenoh and JirkaRybka: More 1.x upgrade fixes.
  • #382398 by elcuco: Force LTR in the views admin.
  • #461144: Fix trimming to correctly remove tags when they are trimmed in half.
  • #330956: Theme: Information only scanned information from the default theme.
  • SA-CONTRIB-2009-037: Filter checkboxes could be displayed unfiltered allowing XSS attacks.

Other changes

  • #298616: Add argument for node updated time similar to node created time.
  • #325607 by bangpound: Automatically sort exports from bulk export.
  • #323049 by yched: Allow Empty/Not Empty on select many to one.
  • #340701 by swentel: Restore allowing Views to set block caching mode.
  • #347892 by dww: Allow option in Boolean filters.
  • #358314 by brmassa: Catch the exposed filter form so it doesn't process twice on a single view.
  • #154865 by Zack Rosen, josh_k and KarenS: Allow user contact form as a field.
  • #411880 by fgm: Add "options callback" to items using in_operator handler.
  • #360657 by yhahn: new hook_views_default_views_alter().
  • #430068 by dereine: New global counter field for displaying row number.
  • #420340 by derine: Translate node type filter.
  • #325796 by yang_yi_cn: Translate node type argument.
  • #446726 by yhahn: Improved performance for js dependencies.
  • #437760 by leeneman: Remove duplicate terms from taxonomy term argument title.
  • #354270 by dereine: Allow "tag" to be added to the theme template suggestions.
  • #408180 by joachim: Allow taxonomy term parent argument.
  • #469456 by dereine: Automatically give .info file during views bulk export.
  • #424460 by thePanz: Customizable breadcrumb title for arguments.
  • #436398 by Pasqualle: Support for aggregator category table.
  • #424648 by quicksketch and dereine: Allow format selection on filesize field.
  • #478312 by yhahn: Provide specific node access filter.
  • #479878 by dereine: User language field.
  • #468824 by eaton: Pluggable caching mechanism which can cache both the query result and rendered result.
  • #399534 by clemens.tolboom and drewish: Add fragment and query string as options when making fields into links.
  • #315915 by dixon_: Add another base row class to rows.
  • #353403 by agentrickard: Field to provide "more" text.
  • #377896 by dereine: When ticked "link to node" show node title as a href title attribute.
  • #386098 by dereine: Add "watchdog" as a debug logging options.
  • #409428 by gpk: Missing field: node input format.
  • #271833 by grugnog, agentrickard and others: Taxonomy depth in filter.


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