The new Views integration is great. I was able to recreate pretty much everything from my old bibliography ( in the new ( with some nice additional features.

However, the one missing feature is the export links of the filtered results. I'm not even sure how it could be added to views other than as hardcoded links. Or is this possible and I just missed it?


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Hey Dominik,

I took a look at your Views version and that's pretty cool, I didn't even know you could have those sorting tabs, but I suppose you just "exposed" the sort fields and they appear?

As for the export links, it should be doable, but I'll have to write a special handler for that. I'm looking at converting all of biblio's output to use Views, so the export links will come in the not to distant future...


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Thanks Ron. Actually, the sorting tabs are a bit of a hack. You have to create two separate page views and link them through the Tab functionality. What's missing is the ability to change the sorting order - you'd have to create more views and put them into subtabs or choose a table layout for the display and make the year field sortable. But I figured that was not functionality that was all that important so I left it at just the two tabs.

Some sort of handler for export would be great, though. I was able to expose it to Zotero through COiNs but what about those hapless Endnote users?

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I figured out those "tabs" after I wrote that... and I'm now looking into how do deal with the "query" part of the URL (the part after the ?) so hopefully I can recreate the toggling of ASC/DESC sort ordering. The hardest part of this whole Views thing is the almost complete lack of "developer" type documentation, I have to dig through the code to figure out what going on and how to work with it.


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