With the "Basic" fivestar theme, users must click the "Cancel Vote" button twice to effectively update the widget's display.

One click on the "X" only changes the description text "Your Rating" to "None." Average Vote and Total Votes continue to display old information (until the page is manually reloaded).

Two clicks on the "X" will finally blank all the stars, and clear the Average Vote, Total Votes, and Your Rating text (without a manual page reload).

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I'm able to reproduce this problem, but it only exhibits itself when displaying the stars as "average" or "user vote if available, average otherwise". It does not seem to affect the "dual" display or the "user vote" versions of the widget.

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This patch should fix the problem. Some changes meant for the 2.x version had slipped into the Drupal 6 1.x version, breaking the return value after casting a new vote.

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Issue tags: -delete, -remove, -vote, -not deleting, -multiple clicks, -page reload

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.