Since Zen is geared towards helping new users learn how to theme Drupal, I could see where it is confusing for new users to know that they must create the "themes" folder under "sites/default/." Although I'm fairly technical, I had to double check to make sure the Zen README instructions were not out-dated because I didn't see the "sites/default/themes" folder but did see the "themes" folder at the root of the install.

My suggestion is to make the wording state:

1. Download Zen from

2. Unpack the downloaded file, take the entire zen folder (which includes
the README.txt file, a zen_classic folder, etc.) and place it in your
Drupal installation under one of the following locations:
making it available to the default Drupal site and to all Drupal sites
in a multi-site configuration
making it available to only the default Drupal site
making it available to only the site if there is a
sites/ configuration file

Please note, you may have to create the theme folder under "sites/all/" and/or "sites/default/"


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Title: README.txt Improvement » Improve docs about sites/all/themes and sites/default/themes folders
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Very good idea! Ok, I've added this note into the README. Thanks! :-)

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