Last updated 23 February 2016.

dreditor has now a patch waiting to use state transitions on triage status sources


Project maintainers and developers may use, improve, and adapt the following templates to provide more meaningful, helpful, and friendly feedback to users in the issue queue. These can be particularly useful if you use MyWords plugin (videocast of usage).

=> Fixed
Thanks for reporting, reviewing, and testing! Committed to all branches.

A new development snapshot will be available within the next 12 hours. This improvement will be available in the next official release.

=> Fixed (Support request too specific)
Sorry, but this request is too custom/specific to be handled by the maintainers of this project.

There are several support options listed if you click on "Community and Support" at the top of, which will take you to:
There you can find out about the Drupal IRC channels, and the Forums, which are our two main support mechanisms in the Drupal community.

Good luck with your issue!

=> Fixed (Support requests in Drupal Core queue)
I'm sorry, but although you can create issues in Drupal Core and mark the category as "support request", we don't really handle support requests in the Drupal Core issue queue as a regular practice (that option is mostly there for filing support issues for contributed modules and themes).

There are several support options listed if you click on "Community and Support" at the top of, which will take you to:
There you can find out about the Drupal IRC channels, and the Forums, which are our two main support mechanisms in the Drupal community.

Good luck with your issue!

Needs more info => Closed (cannot reproduce)
Sorry, without further information this issue can only be closed as not reproducible.

Feel free to re-open this issue if you want to provide further information. Thanks.

Won't fix (feature requests)
At this point, this issue is going to be marked as won't fix. This is either not in the direction of the project, or too out of the project scope.
Won't fix (co-maintainer application)
Hi, and thank you for volunteering!

However, I may be mistaken, but I don't think I've seen any contributions from you to this project yet. So at this point, I can only recommend to read the best practices for co-maintaining projects.


=> Duplicate
Thanks for taking the time to report this issue.

However, I am marking this as a duplicate of [#]. You can follow up on that issue to track its status instead. If any information from this issue is missing in the other issue, please make sure you provide it over there.

If you are new to, it would help us if you would search for existing issues before submitting a new one. We strongly advise you search using the search facility, because it really is very good. NOT a third party search engine (e.g. Google) as you may well not find what you are looking for.

This issue needs revisiting, with the potential to be added to the project later. Please feel free to contribute additional information or patches.
Active (for duplicate projects)
The <a href="">X</a> module provides a very similar feature to this module.

One of the 7 principles of the Drupal project is collaboration. Would you consider merging your project into that one and collaborating with its authors?

Otherwise, it would be great if you could document what makes this module different so that people can make a good decision about which one to use.

Not supported
This version of X is not supported anymore. The issue is closed for this reason.

Please upgrade to a supported version and feel free to reopen the issue on the new version if applicable.

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it would be helpful if these templates could be presented as their HTML code so that they can more quickly be pasted and adapted without having to re-<em> the footers, etc. Also, the link to this page in each footer should probably be made a link as well.

Also, there's an errant apostrophe in the "Active" message ("with it's authors").

I as a mere mortal don't seem to have edit permissions to this page currently (it's using a restricted input filter?); otherwise I'd have made these adaptations myself.

joachim’s picture

I fixed the "it's" :)

sun’s picture

Nice follow-up by salvis over in

Thanks for taking the extra step and looking for a pre-existing issue.

Being the same code is just a coincidence. You're presenting a new idea and the current code is your baseline — your idea deserves a fresh start.

The only reason for reopening a fixed and closed issue is if the fix is incomplete or causes new problems.

Could perhaps use some minor polishing, but would be awesome to add :)

Daniel 'sun' Kudwien

sun’s picture

From a cvs application:

Please understand that we are trying to keep the amount of contributed modules/projects sane and useful. Duplicating already existing projects without good reason is not really in the spirit of open source software. Therefore, new projects that are duplicating the ideas and efforts of existing projects should have a clear reason to do so.

In general, the Drupal community loves to collaborate, share, communicate, and joining forces with others. Duplicating stuff is considered a waste of time - both for developers, but even more importantly, also for users that are evaluating available modules.

Looking through the code of this module, it seems like it is duplicating a lot of modular functionality of the following, mostly matured modules:

- ....

Overall, plenty of technically unrelated functionality has been squeezed into a single module here, which also makes this "module" very non-modular. The same functionality can be achieved - fully or partially, suitable for any use-case - through above mentioned and other existing modules. In turn, I guess that a large amount of development time went into this userdb.module, whereas the same functionality and business logic already exists and could have been implemented in almost no time through those existing modules.

A single, large module striving to provide this many features is most likely unusable for any other Drupal user, as most structures and settings are pre-defined and unalterable without hacking the module. In addition, the duplication of User and Profile modules on separate system paths and forms comes with an incompatibility to all other modules that provide features related to users and user profiles. In turn, the conclusion can be drawn that this module is only suitable for the original author.

Could use some polishing/generalization. Not sure whether we have a dedicated documentation page for CVS application templates though.

Daniel 'sun' Kudwien

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I would suggest to add something like

[stockresponse] Thanks for taking the time to report this issue.

as the first line to inform the users.

This prevents some users to feel offended like with

See also where some tried to xref to Gnome project triage.

DrewMathers’s picture

Append to "Postponed":

(optional) This issue cannot proceed until this blocker issue is resolved: [#]

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For project applications, I usually respond with something like the following (for D6):


  1. Download and install the Coder module.
  2. Visit admin/build/modules to enable the "Coder" module.
  3. Visit coder to run Code review.
  4. Under apply the checked coding reviews select minor (most).
  5. Also select Internationalization checks.
  6. Under What to review, uncheck active modules and themes and check include files (inc | php | install | test).
  7. Under Select specific modules, check the box next to your module.
  8. Click the Submit button at the bottom.
  9. Correct the problems noted.

For D7:


  1. Download and install the Coder module.
  2. Visit admin/modules to enable both "Coder" and "Coder Review" modules
  3. Visit admin/config/development/coder/review.
  4. Under apply the checked coding reviews select minor (most).
  5. Under WHAT TO REVIEW and SELECT SPECIFIC MODULES check the box next to your module.
  6. Click the Run reviews button at the bottom.
  7. Correct the problems noted.

Good. — Fast. — Cheap.
(Pick any two.)

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This text could be suggested when someone changes state.

It would have to be at the point of changing the status that it is presented right in the UI.

The suggested text is fine, but if it's buried in a doc page nobody will ever remember to use it.