How can I remove fivstar rating from my rss feed ? it is ugly and no sense for it.


#5 fivestar_exclude_rss.patch1.06 KBquicksketch
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Agreed! Anyone?

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shc-boomer, no need to bump after 2 frickin' days. Please only post if you have something to contribute. Patches or funding is welcome.

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Category: support » task
Status: Active » Fixed
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The attached patch should remove the rating widget from RSS feeds, since they don't do much good there. Applied to the Drupal 6 versions only.

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Title: Rss feed » Omit Fivestar from RSS feeds

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Thanks for fixing it 5/5!

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Is this going to be an option within fivestar itself? I would rather not have to come back here and re-apply the patch all the time, with new versions of fivestar :-(

It would probably be best to either have a 'fivestar' field widget on a content type's fields display page, or simply put a checkbox to exclude it in the fivestar settings page itself...

[Note: this isn't high priority... such is why I didn't un-close this topic. Just wanted to throw this out there.]

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Based on my reading of this issue and my inspection of the fivestar.module file in 6.x-1.18 and 6.x-1.x-dev, there is no need to patch fivestar with the patch in this issue. The patch shouldn't apply to the fivestar 6.x-1.18 release. It's already in there and has been included in the -dev since July according to comment #5

If it isn't working correctly, then the issue should likely be reopened.

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Ah... nevermind. Just realized the site in question was running Fivestar 6.x-1.15. Should've checked that first. Now, I'll need to get updating!