Standard taxonomy of products XML, RDF and CVS file to download . (provided by google)

The Google product taxonomy is a tree of categories that describe product families. At the highest level, it is arranged into a few verticals, which refer to broad categories of products (Electronics, Home & Garden, etc.). The "children" of these broad categories are more specific product families (Electronics > Audio) or specific products (Electronics > Audio > Audio Players & Recorders > MP3 Players).

taxonomy.zip80.39 KBtommytom
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thanks to Daniel Berthereau

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Now THAT looks handy.

Thanks for the contrib. I haven't tested it yet, but it looks like what, 2500 terms?
I take it this is a translation of this google taxonomy? Good work.
Looks like it's royalty/license free (it's just a list of words after all) and designed for re-use, so that's cool.

I'll see if we can work it into the taxonomy server project. It may be a bit big to be distributed with the module itself ... but is certainly one of the most valid uses of everyday taxonomy that I've seen!

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Update, I've actually added (for other reasons) a format reader CSV_ANCESTRY that will happily read the format provided directly from Google itself (or at least a save-as-csv version of it)
I'm now distributing the top two layers of that Google product catalog as a sample in version 2-dev.
Still interested in making sure this file works as an RDF import though. Anyone can download and import it using current methods, which is cool