I enabled FCKEditor to use file uploading using the built in editor FCKEditor provides. It works fine but when I click browser server I get this message:

The server didn't reply with a proper XML data. Please check your configuration.

I'm not sure what to do.. I followed the instructions so...



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Use some tool to trace HTTP requests (Tamper Data extension for FF, for example), open the URL that contains "Command=GetFoldersAndFiles" and take a look what do you have there (probably PHP warning corrupted XML document). If you see a blank page, check error logs.

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Ok. I'll try it out

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I'm getting this same error message as well. Moved the site from development to production and now the file browser is having issue. I'm getting the same "The server didn't reply with a proper XML data. Please check your configuration" error message.

When viewing the page in IE, it shows a lot more information.

Drupal 6.13
FCKeditor 6.x-1.3

cPanel Version 11.24.4-RELEASE
cPanel Build 36167
Apache version 2.2.11 (Unix)
PHP version 5.2.9
MySQL version 5.0.81-community

Not sure if this is a web hosting problem or what? Any ideas?

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As suggested earlier, try a packet sniffer. Post the results in this thread or try to investigate the problem yourself. Are you absolutely certain that you did not enable any other modules on your live installation?

If you're unable to diagnose this problem, follow the instructions at http://drupal.fckeditor.net/supportrequest.

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

Closed because of lack of response.

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I re installed FCKeditor because I don't really understand the pack sniffer thing; anyway, it worked.


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Hi - I had the same problem. Here's what I did after a lot of Googling and trial

I had an ASP driven site but after ver 2.2 of FCK, it defaults to php (used to default to ASP) so to change it, I edited fckeditor.js as per:

var _FileBrowserLanguage = 'php ' ; // asp | aspx | cfm | lasso | perl | php | py
var _QuickUploadLanguage = 'php ' ; // asp | aspx | cfm | lasso | perl | php | py

changed to
var _FileBrowserLanguage = 'asp' ; // asp | aspx | cfm | lasso | perl | php | py
var _QuickUploadLanguage = 'asp' ; // asp | aspx | cfm | lasso | perl | php | py

I also set the base href of FCK to my site, although I don't think this is necesary unless you're using FCK in one URL to edit another base URL. Anyway, I set
FCKConfig.BaseHref = 'http://www.mysite.com/' ;

I then has to set the config file - in my case with ASP, it is located in FCKeditor/editor/filemanager/conectors/asp/config.asp (if you're using php for example, its in .../connectors/php/config.php

First, I enabled the config file by setting it true (default is false)
ConfigIsEnabled = True

Then I set the paths for files and images eg.
for pages : ConfigFileTypesPath.Add "File", ConfigUserFilesPath & "" (the end "" refers to the root directory)
for images : ConfigFileTypesPath.Add "Image", ConfigUserFilesPath & "userimages/"

Uploaded and checked it out and it worked fine. Hope this helps - I know finding answers to problems like this can be long and very time consuming!

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I don't think that solution is related to Drupal, as Drupal is written in PHP.

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Look for a missing ;

I was getting this message with Drupal v6.13, FCKEditor v2.6.4.1, module fckeditor-6.x-1.4-rc2.

In the FCKEditor README.TXT it says to add require_once "../../../../../filemanager.config.php"; to sites/all/modules/fckeditor/fckeditor/editor/filemanager/connectors/php/config.php. When copying that line I left off the closing ";"

Firefox only gave the simple error message. IE pointed me at the line following this one.

It took a night of sleep before I spotted the error.

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I had the same problem in a solution different than drupal :
It cames friom the fact that my client uploaded a file which filename had an apostrophe in it (ex: my'file.pdf)
I replaced the caracter by a space, and then it worked fine.

Hope it helps

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This can also happen on certain host configurations which do not allow the execution of files writeable by group. By default, fckeditor has insecure permissions of 777. They should be changed to 755.

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This can solve my problem yeeeeaaaa

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In my case, as #12 JacobSteelsmith suggested, this problem was caused by a wrong Chmod in the php connector files. Changed chmod and everything worked.

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Checking site error logs helped me with this issue. It showed the problem clearly that the file permissions for filemanager folder is wrong. When I changed it, everything working fine.

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Just thought I'd drop in an say that I was presented with this problem on a client's set-up with a new host.

The root of the problem turned out to be a lack of memory in PHP (it was still set to the default 32M), once I upped that to 100M the problem was resolved.

Sadly, I had to fire up IE (shudder!) to get a descent diagnoses of the problem.

So yeah, check your memory setting in php.ini too.

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Hi all,
I've finally solved this issue and posted the solution here.

forum link

I'm trying to post it in all the forums I've found where there is a discussion on this problem.

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Just follow these steps and you are done :-

1) Create a folder in root namely " userfiles " and inside it create sub folder " image ". So its like this
userfiles \ image

2) Now edit the following lines in fckeditor\fckconfig.js file

var _FileBrowserLanguage = 'php' ; // asp | aspx | cfm | lasso | perl | php | py
var _QuickUploadLanguage = 'php' ; // asp | aspx | cfm | lasso | perl | php | py

Change it to following :-

var _FileBrowserLanguage = 'aspx' ; // asp | aspx | cfm | lasso | perl | php | py
var _QuickUploadLanguage = 'aspx' ; // asp | aspx | cfm | lasso | perl | php | py

3) Now edit the following lines in fckeditor\editor\filemanager\connectors\aspx\config.ascx

// URL path to user files.

UserFilesPath = "/userfiles/";

Change to :-

// Because of this the error arise.
UserFilesPath = "~/userfiles/"; //This indicates user folder path for uploading files.

Now you are ready to use fckeditor.

It works like anything.

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I have had the problem on a previously working configuration, that had not changed.
It was caused by file names with accented characters. Renaming files as would do transliterate fixed the problem.
I hope this will help.