It can be desirable to let clients (the people who pay me) have a look at the newsletter subscriptions.

A nice and flexible way to do this would be to make newsletter subscriptions available in Views. On the first page of creating a new View, in addition to "node", "user", "node revision" etc, one could choose "newsletter subscription" as the type.

This would allow to create customized overview pages or even RSS feeds or excel spreadsheet export. Maybe the client does not even want to use Drupal for sending out the newsletters, but still wants to use it to collect the subscriptions.

Of course there are some privacy issues, one needs to be careful that the View is not shown to anonymous users who will just leech the email addresses. But that's up to the module user (programmer/designer), I would say.

If this is too much work, it can already be helpful to make a permission for "view newsletter subscription", in addition to the "administer newsletter subscriptions".



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Title: Make newsletter subscriptions available for Views? » Make newsletter subscriptions available for Views / behave like CCK nodes?

Another interesting solution would be to have the subscriptions behave like nodes. This would make it easy to define extra fields for subscriptions, to define taxonomies for them, import/export etc. And of course, they would naturally integrate in Views.

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Title: Make newsletter subscriptions available for Views / behave like CCK nodes? » Simplenews subscription as CCK field

Subscribing !

I'd like to have this functionnality too :
I'll often need to register name, city, or any other information in complement of the newsletter ; because clients often want to collect data with the subscription. (so I need to show it in views next...)

I'd really like to have simplenews inscription as a cck field.

If I could abuse, i'd like to have a way to register to simplenews with a checkbox, associated with any email-field ^^.
This way, in any form of the site we could add a checkbox to subscribe ! :D

Unfortunately, I'm not a good enought developer to make it myself.

So Please, HELP ! ^^

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This would be very useful for me too!

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also interested
Any progress?

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Title: Simplenews subscription as CCK field » Make subscriptions available with Views

There is no need to change a subscription into a node to make it available to views. That is the original request. Changing the title accordingly.
The other comments are duplicates of #127178: Make Subscribers fieldable.

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I didn't do much with simplenews recently, but I'm still following this issue (well, that's how this issue queue works).

Being a bit wiser now than I was a year ago, I definitely agree that subscriptions should not be nodes! Sometimes I have to be grateful for my feature requests not being implemented literally.

And yes, collect subscriber data, etc.

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Referring to general views support issue:
#668730: Integrate simplenews with views module

In my opinion the referred issue makes the current one a duplicate.

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I totally agree with Miro, let's keep everything Views-related in one place.

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

If you're with a commercial background, we'd be happy to raise funds for this feature.

Alternatively, we love patches too ;-)

Views support could be part of simplenews within few days.

Marking this duplicate in favor of the other issue.