I would like to know how to change the language of the nodes already created. Somehow I have created them unknowingly a different language. I am wondering how it can be changed after the node has been created.
On the page /admin/content/node/overview I have mix of language statuses (english, russian), but all nodes made on russian.


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You should be able to just edit the node and select the language and then save the node.

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Same problem here. There is no option (drop-down) or whatever to change the language of a node. Working with D6 with clean installation, the nodes where created before the i18n and related modules where installed.

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If all of your post need a language, you may run sql query:
UPDATE node SET language='en'
where en can be change to any language key.

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... it should be basic, but so far I have found nothing helpful in the handbooks.

I want my site to be in English and Swedish

I have tried to do as Bruce recommends.
What happens is that when I have edited/translated, selecting the language makes the text go back to previous version. If I first choose language, in this case Swedish, and make the changes, they appear in English as well as Swedish versions.

According to my simplistic way of thinking
are two separate files
So why do the changes I make in one appear in the other - which makes my attempts at translating English versions to Swedish impossible. What's the trick here?

In the ongoing development of my site, this functionality is crucial. So I would be really greatful for some help!

Tomas Wikström

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... as I found very helpful instructions on

Thanks, really what I needed!
So far, my translation attempts seem to work - will get back, though, if new problems arise!

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I know this is a recipe for disaster, but I just went directly in the database, changed the field language in the table "node". Thus far I have no problem. Anyone know what could go wrong?

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The only problem with that is that there are other places where language may be set. Aliases set with the path module are one example - you will break all your aliases with that method.

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Hi Logrise,

I had the same problem and I just have found a clean solution.
You have to follow at least the 3 first steps of the tutorial of "Setup for a multilingual site" mentionned by ptomasw.
And then, in the page admin/content/type, edit the type of node for which you want to be able to easily adjust the language. You have to enable multilingual support for this type of node.

That way, I have solved my similar problem with "Directory Listing" type of node, for which I didn't have enabled the multilingual support before.

Hope that helps.

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I have just used this method and it works. The only thing is that I'm a little worried about implementing it. Our site is up and running, and has a pretty good ranking with google analytics. I am not sure if all the analytics data will get lost, as I had set everything up as language neutral, and now need to change it all to danish/english with cloning and translations.

Anyone know if it will affect it?

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Go to structures and edit the content type and set it to multi-language. Then edit the node to change the language.

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Thanks, that fixed it. I had started out with just English, and switched to another language underway, and some older nodes were stuck in "English". To others: Don't forget to switch multi-language settings back to "deactivated", if users shouldn't be able to set it themselves.

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Check out the module http://drupal.org/project/languageassign. It adds the action "Set language to X" to your node management screen.

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a tip for all people landing here. get views bulk operation, chose modify entity values, set new language and go.

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Thanks marcoka, this works gread and anyone can create its own "advanced content management" view.


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Great idea! I imported 383 produts for a website i needed to set a new language to them. VBO works like a charm! Didn't know about it and i had to check out on Youtube to see how it works. Saved me a couple hours of boring job! Just want to share... may help someone else!