I'm either confused by your description or something is not working with the user creation part of this module. It sounds like you should be able to allow someone "without being given full "administer users" permission" the ability to create users within a specified role.

I have checked the "create users" on the module settings, but the only way I can get them to create users at all is to also give them "administer users" permission. And then they can edite/delete and create all roles.


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Verified on a fresh D6.12 install. The role that is assigned create users permission cannot create users without being given administer users permission. I tried various combinations of permissions but could not get it to work at all.

Elevating to critical as this pretty much defeats the purpose of this module.

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Aha! I see that giving the role administer users permission without giving them create users permission prevents them from being able to create users. This is not intuitive, nor is it completely helpful. It's the opposite of how you'd expect this module to behave. The big problem is that user role is still able to list users and edit 'user settings'.

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I to think this module lacks if you allow peple to edit "User settings" and list all the users. Seems like we can get Views Bulk Operations to give us a proper users listing screen. Plus the #928258: Views integration - Filter users by editable permission patch filters on whom you can edit.

Does anyone have insight on how we can adjust the permissions to work as described?

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Version: 6.x-1.3 » 6.x-1.4

Subscribing... 'create users' permission should do what it says, and thus allow roles with this permission to create users without the need to also have 'administer users' permission. Having the 'administer users' permission makes the 'create users' permission completely useless cause the former permission already allows roles to create users.
But the former also allows for much more then create users, so a simplified 'create users' permission would be welcomed.


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I think this is a duplicate of #1717876: Remove dependency on 'Administer users' permission. Yours came first, but the other one has a patch in it, so I think it makes sense to close this one.