This module enables users to subscribe to be notified of changes to nodes or taxonomies, such as new comments in specific forums, or additions to some category of blog. Once enabled, all nodes will have an additional link that allows the user to change their subscriptions. Users have tab on their user screen to manage their own subscriptions. Users can also set an auto-subscribe function which notifies the user if anyone comments on posts they have made. Admins can turn this on by default.

Subscriptions has its roots in 2003 (node/4189!). At version 5.x-1.x it was in a crisis, due to too many people having pulled in too many directions. In Winter '07 and Spring '08 it was rewritten from the ground up by chx and salvis, and we are maintaining it to this day.

A lot of work and testing has gone into the new version for Drupal 6, and we now have a very flexible suite of modules that can be tuned by the administrator to fit a large number of use cases.

Extending Subscriptions

Subscriptions is a modular framework, designed to be extensible in many directions. Developer documentation is available at Also look inside one of the component or add-on modules that has functions that you're interested in.

node reference subscriptions

To do more with Subscriptions, check out the Subscriptions Rules module.

Subscriptions for Drupal 7 Requirements

Mail Editor and Token

Known Issues

If Domain Access is running, then Subscriptions can serve only one domain, the one run by cron.

Subscriptions for Drupal 8

We need help for moving Subscriptions to D8 and supporting it there. Please help finish up a D7 release and start work on D8.

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