I have set page to show 10 stars and that works. I have also set views to show the stars, except that it shows 5 stars only and not 10, but the node teaser and individual node pages shows 10 as well.

Is there a way to get it to 10 stars in Views?

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It should obey whatever settings you have set for the node type. Since the nid is always available it queries the database to find the node type. To be more efficient, you can simply add the Node: Type field to the view (but then exclude it from display).

    $node_type = isset($columns->node_type) ? $columns->node_type : db_result(db_query("SELECT type FROM {node} WHERE nid = %d", $columns->nid));
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I've added the node type and it still shows 5 stars for views and 10 stars for the default drupal page list. I've attached the views settings and you can also see in "live preview" that the dropdown stops at 5 also. In five star setting I've set it at 10 and am using the "Basic" cutom color widgets stars.

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After changing some settings, the 10 stars shows up on view. The difference:

I changed the Fields Appearance to "Fivestar Stars (display only)", I had Fivestar Stars (clickable, no text) --- so I think it's a bug for clickable selections.

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Ah! I found why I can't reproduce the problem. It's already been fixed! See #252914: Check "rate content" permission in views. It was fixed back in October actually. However as you might notice, the current version of Fivestar is over 6 months old. I'm under pressure to get out a new version soon from other forces, so a new version should be out within the month.

If you need to fix the problem immediately, you can apply this patch to your installation:

Or you can use the development version until 1.14 comes out.

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ok, thanks! BTW-there isn't a dev version on the module page. Should there be one or is it somewhere else?

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For all projects on Drupal.org, you can access the development versions by clicking "View all releases" and downloading the 6.x-1.x-dev version. I don't list development versions on the project page because I'd prefer users use an official release so I can more easily test (oh the irony).

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