CCK version: 6.x-2.2

I have a filefield in a fieldgroup called "Attachments". If, in the filefield settings, "List field" is set to "enabled", an empty fieldgroup gets shown on the node page, although the filefield is empty. Can anyone confirm this?


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Thanks for the report. I'm not seeing this immediately in the latest dev version of FileField. What display settings are you using for both the surrounding field group and for the file field?

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I might have fixed this with this commit:

This changes the normal generic file formatter. Previously it was printing out an HTML comment if the file was not being listed <!-- you do not have access to view this file -->, which would cause the field to be printed if the files inside of it were not displayed. This function now returns an empty string.

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Marking as fixed, please reopen if this problem still exists in the development version or after making the changes from #2.

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