It would be very handy to if tokens could be used when setting the breadcrumb path for terms. Once this was implemented, an additional feature to allow a default breadcrumb path for terms could be added. This could potentially remove a lot of manual set-up for admins, particularly sites with large taxonomies.


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This would be a very cool feature!
I was looking for that very issue in this queue.

Pity this request has gone un-noticed.

Is anyone who can look into making this happen listening?

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I am sure this is a duplicate of another request, but don't have the time to go looking for it right now.

I am not interested in doing this because I have already done it for custom breadcrumbs 6.x-2.x (there is a custom_breadcrumbs_taxonomy breadcrumb submodule that does everything in this module and more...). If you would like additional features besides the basic functionality of taxonomy_breadcrumb, I encourage you to use custom breadcrumbs. No point in duplicating code. Thanks.