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MD5: 0fe5f8e6d1292fcfe98530a3dea0a1a1
SHA-1: 0e7adfd035ceac8f6accb6a5105c81f446404d6c
SHA-256: c271a716da1c81ccb8a31228233bf9f567983e368df22fcc06a51cfaf37cda63
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MD5: 694bcea4e48b943f998860483c4e67dc
SHA-1: 49c5138f4865ca1bcb9d53caba94479a465abf2d
SHA-256: d54feb89068e189c90737b29b4b1c2c607d4d563792aa3ed151ac8fc2471a8f2

Release info

Created by: yched
Created on: 18 Mar 2009 at 21:05 UTC
Last updated: 18 Mar 2009 at 21:34 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x

Release notes

This release fixes a security issue (XSS vulnerability) in nodereference and userreference modules.
All sites using CCK for Drupal 6 are strongly encouraged to upgrade to CCK 2.2.
Note that the Drupal 5 versions are not affected.
See the Security Annoucement on for more informations.

- #361311 Add poll settings forms to Manage fields screen.
- Add book form to Manage fields screen.
- #131953 by markus_petrux - Views integration: expose additional db columns.
- #349987 by Michelle - Panels integration for fieldgroups.
- #362216 by markus_petrux - sort the admin/content/types/fields overview by field name.
- #242583 by jmiccolis - Number: Push maximum 'scale' setting up to 10 for decimal fields.
- Correct RTL display.
- #405452 - Views integration: Update to Views 2.3 API ('link to node'), with 2.2 compatibility preserved.

- #392476 Make sure CCK textarea fields in a View don't have a span wrapped around a block-level element.
- Fix devel_generate for decimal and float values.
- #358700 Can't use array_slice() on assoc array in PHP4.
- #196421 Prefixed tables weren't getting queried correctly.
- Don't assume display_settings[$context] always exists, newly enabled modules may add new contexts that weren't there when the field was last edited.
- #339537 by markus_petrux: fix orphan fields in {content_group_fields} table when fields are removed.
- Views integration: use shorter titles in Views admin summaries (see
- #334290 by drewish - Userreference: user names not displayed in Views summaries.
- #343138 by duellj - Fix tokens for empty noderef / userref fields.
- #343306 Validate text 'max length' to be a positive integer
- #344004 by markus_petrux - Diff integration : fix error on non-'core CCK' field types.
- Diff integration: limit the number of additional queries for noderef/userref.
- Diff integration: refactored around a new hook_content_diff_values() to save contrib field modules the
burden of implementing hook_diff. For most field types, the default content_field_content_diff_values()
should be enough, though.
- #344216 by dbabbage: Fix incorrect url to Schema module in tests descriptions.
- #336174 Move actual field access check in content.module, with content_permission.module providing one permission-based implementation.
- #336174 (followup) Make sure content_view_field() and content_format() both respect field access rules.
- #351929 by lyricnz - Views integration: make sure formatters get a pseudo-node with enough info.
- #355712 by fractile81 - Fieldgroup: fix extraneous cache clears.
- #356666 by flobruit - fix 'exclude' display setting wrongly set across shared instances of a field.
- Fix 'undefined variable' notice when submitting field settings form with 'php code for default value.
- #353012 User reference - fix duplicate 'reverse links' on user profile pages when the same user is referenced by several userref fields in a node. Also improves performance.
- #342427 Views integration - fix summaries for nodereference and userreference fields.
- #363456 by dww - Fix some cases of bogus d-n-d reordering of 'pseudo-fields'.
- #366935 by drewish - Make the 'Views mode' feature in noderef / ueserref visible even if no usable View exists yet.
- #371306 fix duplicate HTML when using the JS-'add more' button.
- #370004 by dopry - Fix JS-'add more' button breaking fielfield's AHAH upload.
- #374213 by rpanna - Fieldgroup: All field instances removed their groups when one instance is deleted from a content type.
- #356158 by markus_petrux - Fix more (hopefully all ?) cases of bogus d-n-d reordering of 'pseudo-fields'.
- #381876 by DamienMcKenna - Content Copy: Fix formatting glitch in exported type definitions.
- #346202 Fieldgroup: let the 'simple' template be overridable (thks fiskit) + allow template variants.
- #382004 by elcuco - Field name and group name fields should stay LTR for RTL languages.
- #360712 by tombigel - CSS tweaks for RTL languages.
- #375316 Nodereference/Userreference: Ensure allowed values always return at least an empty array.
- #368155 Nodereference/Userreference: Fix performance issue on large sites when validating empty noderef/userref fields.
- #319778 Optionwidgets: Fix double encoding issues for &, >, <,... chars in select lists.


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