To reproduce:

1. Create a content type. Add a file field. Set the Widget Type to "Extensible File". Save the settings, and save the settings on the next page.

2. Navigate to node/add/[fieldname] -- the field created in Step 1 does not show up.

Setting the Widget Type to "File Upload" or "Image" (as this site has Imagefield installed) results in normal behavior -- the upload field displays.

I tested this in Garland, and in a custom theme we have built in-house, and the bug was present in both themes.

#3 filefield_remove_extensible.patch2.22 KBquicksketch


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Yes, the "Extensible File" widget needs to be removed entirely. I'm not sure if it ever worked or what it is even supposed to do. If it did ever work, we need to write an upgrade path for it to convert it to a normal "File" widget. If it didn't ever work, we should write an upgrade path to remove the field wherever users have had the misfortune of trying to use it.

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Component: User interface » Code

Yeah, but with a name like "Extensible File" it's so clear what it should be used for :)

FWIW, it worked in earlier releases in D6, but it's functionality was pretty indistinguishable from "File Upload" -- we used it in a couple places with jQuery Media.

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Here'a a patch which removes "Extensible File" and switches all existing fields that used it to "File Upload". I imagine what it was intended to do was add an arbitrary number of fields to an upload like caption, rel text, link, etc. However this functionality was never added so "Extensible File" was always just like a normal file upload field. Fortunately the ability to group arbitrary fields together is being worked on in CCK itself in #119102: Combo field - group different fields into one, so when that gets finished it'll probably realize everything that extensible file was supposed to accomplish.

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This is now committed, I'm getting out a beta2 version shortly with this included.

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Title: Setting "Widget Type" to extensible file results in no field on the node/add form » Remove Broken "Extensible File" Widget Type
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Yes, the "Extensible File" widget needs to be removed entirely. I'm not sure if it ever worked or what it is even supposed to do.

If I'm correct then the "Extensible File" widget was supposed to do the stuff that the 6.x-1.x branch did, like, select the widget depending on the mimetype. Well, anyways, if it doesn't work then it's better if it's gone.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.