So I do not sound like an idiot, how does on pronounce phonetically "Drupal"???

Jeff in Seattle


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Reminds me of when we did not know how to pronunce Linux. (it's "linnucks" per the developer)

I have always assumed its "droo' pul". Accent on the first syllable.

Golly, I hope I am not wrong.

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Yep, that's correct. In case it clarifies here's another attempt at sounding it out with letters: Drew - Pull
As in, "you drew a great picture"... and eh.... "a big truck can pull a large trailer" :P

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I feel much better and be sure to pronouce it correctly.

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As a Dutch men it is funny to see how different people from different countries pronounce Drupal. And that is part of "correct" answer. There is no right way to pronounce it, it is pronounced the way you say it. (didn't mean to sound zen :-). So Americans say droooopal, Germans have a hard A in pal and the Dutch say druppel, [ˈdrʏpəl].

bert boerland

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So it is incorrect to pronouce it: "Drew + Paul" ?

Jeff in Seattle

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Maybe not in See a TELL.

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Chai + Annie,

I did not get you were getting at until hours later while making dinner!!!

Jeff in Seattle

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I pronounce it as dru pal, I always have :)

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Its just a regular word over here.

Means a small drop of water.

With a face on it.



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Me and my co-workers are having a great debate on it.

For me it's Drou + pal but for others it's Dru + pal.

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For me in French it's Dru + pal

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In my Belgian hometown of Antwerp, the word for "drop" in our official language - but more so in our Antwerp dialect - is "druppel". In English that word is written as "Drupal". Druppal would be more phonetically correct. So Drupal comes from the Flemish word "Druppel", without too much p... ;)

I hope that explains it...
Trickle down software?

A proud Belgian who understands the importance of Drupal for the future of the internet, if only Drupal was more idiot prove, for people like me... But I'll write about that in another post I'm desperate to write, because you nerds really need to think of idiots like me! All I want is a theme where I can change the color, layout, and navigation of my site... The rest if filling which is endless with Drupal, and why I love "Druppel". Bootstrap was a dead end, because I couldn't find a color module. Unbelievable but true!!! No color module.. WHo makes this S#$%? And so this was something I didn't expect, and it cost me a lot of time to figure it out... Learning all the way of course! And then I installed the Sky Theme, which gave me all I needed... except for the navigation that I loved Bootstrap for... So Sky is what I need, but with a sticky navbar!!! Who can help me find the right theme? I just want to be able to change the colors of my site, and decide where the navigation goes. 2 basic functions for a website, and yet, "druppel" makes it so hard... STOP BEING NERDS, AND THINK ABOUT FOOLS LIKE ME! Only that way can Drupal grow larger. Something it deserves!

Anyway... Just make it easier to select the options you want from a theme or module. It would make searching for themes and modules so much more efficient... I want a theme where I can modify the colors, choose the position and functionality of the navigation bar, and be able to expand the page sections. Who can help me find this theme?

I guess I don't have to write this again now, do I?