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First, consider reading the Drupal Accessibility Statement. Next, here are some things you can do to make your Drupal site more accessible:

Consider Contrast When Pairing Colors

If you're already convinced that color contrast is important, read Color and Contrast in the Themers' Guide to learn about tools you can use to assess and, if needed, adjust the contrast of color pairs.

Drupal accessibility resources

Drupal 7 accessibility notes

There are a number of changes in Drupal 7 core which will greatly assist with accessibility. Drupal 7 will see improvement in the Forms API (FAPI), but will also come with a standardized way to make descriptive text visible to screen readers and invisible to sighted people. To implement this in your templates you can just wrap elements with the CSS class="element-invisible". To implement within a module you can use this code snippet:

l(t('Read more...<span class="element-invisible"> about %title</span>', array('%title' => $node->title)), 'node/' . $node->nid, array('html' => TRUE));

an alternative implementation is:

$link['title'] = '<span class="icon"></span>' . $item['link']['title'];
  $link['attributes'] = array('id' => 'toolbar-link-' . $id, 'class' => array('to-overlay'));
  if (!empty($item['link']['description'])) {
  $link['title'] .='<span class="element-invisible">' . $item['link']['description'] . '</span>';
  $link['attributes']['title'] = $item['link']['description'];

About web accessibility

Techniques and Best Practices for HTML, digital media, JavaScript


Tools for evaluating accessibility

Programming tools for accessibility

Keyboard only users

Disabling your mouse & navigating a site with your keyboard can be a very humbling experience. Generally this isn't enabled by default but in advanced preferences you can enable keyboard only navigation. There are articles on how to do this Macintosh and specific instructions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and IE8. A table of other keyboard shortcuts is available from WikiPedia

Screen readers

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


Perfect_Kidkraft_Dollhouses_For_Children’s picture

My team has a very popular site that runs on Drupal, we received the email a little before 3pm EDT and had the patch ready to go out by 4:30, but our SiteOps chose to wait until 7am the next morning to deploy the fix.

After going through logs and not seeing any problems after the release we believe that we were not affected thankfully but it is disconcerting how quickly these attacks popped up in the wild after the announcement.

What really concerns me is wondering if this attack was already in the wild, it just hadn't been detected yet.