I have Drupal 6.10, and am using "private" file-system paths for the file-system configuration.

The Fivestar module works well in every respect except when trying to use custom colored stars. I can create them, and they even appear in the newly created folder in the file system. However, when viewing the pages, it only shows the "default" star type. I tried clearing all caches, changing permissions on the folders it created to allow everyone full access, and neither helped.

Any ideas?

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Title: Custom Stars Not Enabling » Custom Stars Not Enabling on drupal 6.10

I have the same problem. After ugrade to drupal 6.10, all my cck fivestar field doesn't want to display !!!

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Could you confirm this is still a problem with newer releases? I'm not able to reproduce.

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I am not able to confirm, as I made a custom set of stars by hand, and put it into the module folder itself. I am also not using a private file system anymore.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Hmm, okay. I'm marking this as fixed. The 1.14 release came out today, if the problem exists in that version, please reopen.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Status: Closed (fixed) » Active

I am having this exact same issue. I have my custom widget installed at "sites/all/modules/fivestar/widgets/customName". Using Drupal 6.12.


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I think I figured out my issue. I had named my widget the same as my custom (zen-based) theme name. I adjusted it to something unique, and my custom rating widget began working. Hope this helps others.

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When this error is occuring, you'll get Page Not Found warnings in your recent hits:


In reality, with private downloads turned on, "yourdownloadpath" is not accessible to the web. I have clean URLs turned on, so it seems to be thinking that "link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" media="all" href="/../yourdownloadpath/fivestar/outline/outline.css?8" /" is actually a Clean URL.

Pretty sure that should help you find the exact nature of the error - I would suggest putting those CSS files in a different path, somehow, or access them more directly.

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Thanks TRS_Chris, that's a great tip! Most of the time when I'm testing private files (I never actually use private files for performance reasons), I usually don't use a non-accessible directory, so it's probably referencing the local file directory because it's still in the web root. That should be enough that I can fix it. Thanks!

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Interesting thread. I'm also having this issue with D6.10 and Fivestar 6.x-1.13, and I do have private downloads enabled. I selected a custom widget of "Outline", then set up a custom color scheme. After saving configuration, I get a notice that the directory /my/private/path/fivestar/outline has been created and the custom outline stars were generated. When viewing a node, they never appear and the default red/yellow stars are used instead. I do not have any page not found or other interesting errors in the log files about this and I did clear my browser cache both in Firefox and Safari with the same result.

I have no solution at the moment, just wanted to chime in with my configuration and verify that it isn't working even with the built-in custom color widgets.

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thank you, #7 :)

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Title: Custom Stars Not Enabling on drupal 6.10 » Custom Stars Not Enabling (Private Files)

Well as it turns out, Fivestar's mechanism for custom stars is not compatible with private files. Fivestar is unable to work with private files for the same reasons that the Garland color picker and CSS/JS aggregation don't work with private files. That is, Drupal is not capable of referencing CSS files that are stored in non-web-accessible directories. Just chalk this up as yet another reason why sites should never use private files. The course of action for Fivestar is likely to post a warning to the page and disabling the color picker for Fivestar if using private files.

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Status: Active » Fixed
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This patch disabled the display of the color picker when using private files. It has been applied to CVS.

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Title: Custom Stars Not Enabling (Private Files) » Disable custom star colors with private files

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.