Quick and dirty patch allowing us to choose (via theme function) where to render the rating display in the comments view - it's hardcoded to be before the comment in the fivestar_comment module but we needed it bellow each comment.

fivestar_comment.patch1.43 KBmmartinov
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Is there a way to remove it completely from $content? I'd like to display the rating elsewhere in my comment.tpl.php file, but it shows up in both the place I want to put it and, as you described, in the comment body.

EDIT: after looking at the patch I take it there isn't currently a way to do this without patching...hopefully in the future the UI will have a place to choose something like:

Where to place the rating in the comment body:

1) Top of the comment body
2) Bottom of the comment body
3) Do not place the rating in the comment body

I may need to whip up a patch like this soon.

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Status: Needs review » Fixed

Thanks matixbg, a perfectly reasonable request and a great patch. Committed.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Sorry to bring this one up again...

But could somebody please tell me how I "Implement the theme in template.php to change the order:" (fivestar_comment.module line 119) - I'm quite new to advanced theming and am trying to change the position of the fivestar rating in comment.

Like gregor7777, I too wouldn't mind being able to move the rating outside of $content, is this actually possible?

Thanks for any help with this :)

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I was looking for this information, and even though this is a very old thread, seemed like a good place to point out that you can remove the fivestar display from the comment body with the theme function, and then place it elsewhere in your comment.tpl.php with print $comment->fivestar_view;

function theme_fivestar_comment_view($comment, $fivestar) {
  return $fivestar . $comment;

Just remove $fivestar in this function