This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Adds "tell a friend" functionality to any node type and maintains a history of sent items.

This module requires the Mime Mail to function.

The send module presently does the following:

  • Permits you to create a "send this item" link on any node type (image, story, event, etc.)
  • Uses the Mime Mail module to send HTML emails containing the a node body or teaser.
  • Accepts multiple nodes and formats a message containing either the entire node body (if there's just one) or a list of teasers (if there are more than one or if the user does not have adequate permissions)
  • Stores a history of:
    • the sender's uid and email
    • the recipient(s) email and uid if available
    • The node(s) being sent and the accompanying message
  • Matches newly-created users to email addresses for messages they have received in the past.

This should be enough information to determine which nodes are most frequently sent, identify active senders and create a paper trail for new contacts so you can determine how receiving a "tell a friend" node affects overall participation.

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