I installed and had it working. Then suddenly one day I started getting the message above when I hit the 'upload' button. Please help...

(I am not an expert user - read noob)


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Some sterling support here....

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Sorry I have no idea what is happening here, I have a dozen drupal sites using imagepicker, all up to date and all working. I suspect that this is related to a non-drupal update.

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proc_open() has been disabled for security reasons is most likely a PHP error set somewhere in your php.ini or something else.

I'm getting the same error and looking into it.

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If you have PHP running in safe mode, this function will be disabled.

Here's a list of functions disabled by safe mode.

As per my phpinfo() my PHP is not running in safe mode...but if I look in "disable_functions" i have proc_open in there...so I'll need to fix that.

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changes are your php.ini has this line.

disable_functions = exec,system,dl,passthru,chown,shell_exec,popen,proc_open
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Looks like you have sussed it :-)

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)