What it does:
The Image Picker module is an image upload feature modeled after the image upload currently built into Wordpress but with a few improvements.

Imagepicker now has a sister module, Filepicker.

Stable versions for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 are now available and there are development versions for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7.

Image Picker allows you to:

  • Upload an image
  • Automatically generate thumbnails
  • Specify the size of both your thumbnail and resized large image
  • Browse and choose images from previous uploads, specify float left/right, alt tag, link to options, and have the HTML generated for you and pasted into your node at the current cursor position.
  • Support for configurable node types and comments.

No new nodes are created for each image. It only uploads images, resizes them, and creates the HTML you want for easy insertion.

Please note:
php safe mode will need to be disabled for imagepicker (or any module that uploads) to work.
If you are having problems with styling in the iframe, copy imagepicker.tpl.php into your theme's directory and tweak it there. This works with the latest versions only.
Imagepicker has support for the 'private' method of uploading files.

In stable version:

  • Configurable alignment options
  • Support for Lightbox2
  • My Imagepicker tab in My Account
  • Paging for the image browser
  • Admin mode for the image browser
  • Additional configuration options on the settings page
  • Image categorisation
  • A configuration option that sets the use of full urls or absolute paths
  • A select box for changing the order the thumbnails are displayed in the browser
  • Public groups which can now be filtered by role.
  • Supports module fckeditor-6.x-1.3
  • Supports wysiwyg module
  • Now has quotas.
  • Supports the block module.
  • Configurable display of title and description, supports multiline descriptions
  • Thickbox integration (requires patch to thickbox module for full functionality, with it you can put the upload form into a thickbox)
  • Search in browse and list pages.
  • Enhanced theming support.
  • Original upload is now saved as is and kept separately from generated files.
  • Watermarks, see #523164: Watermark feature. Optionally global or per-user. Inspired by the watermark module
  • Now supports the new x-png format from MS, see #571198: .png file uploads fail
  • Groups can now be enabled/disabled
  • Batch imports. requires FTP or SSH access.
  • Copy facility
  • Extended Image File Information (exif)
  • Has quotas per role or per user
  • New submodule provides support for the Postlet upload java applet, see http://sourceforge.net/projects/postlet/
  • Improved javascript insertion code
  • Improved user configuration
  • Admin menu suppress added, see #555586: Funny behaviour when using Administration Menu Module
  • Optional icons in tables
  • Support for the Colorbox module. Use this instead of Thickbox
  • Improved public groups
  • Improved iframe integration. If you have made use of the module template in your theme, this will need to be changed, probably only a rename from imagepicker-page.tpl.php to imagepicker.tpl.php. You will probably need to rebuild the theme registry, eg flush the cache after this upgrade.
  • Bulk Operations in list mode, allowing multiple images to be deleted or grouped/ungrouped.
  • Support for FCKeditor, TinyMCE and CKEditor and 3.4 in conjunction with wysiwyg module
  • Support for PECL uploadprogress
  • Blocks for Colorbox gallery of grouped images, see #988728: Gallery Howto
  • Support for private download method
  • Editable insert template
  • Support for reallocation/deletion of orphan files
  • Support for Imagecache, known as Image styles in D7
  • Option for adding 'rel' to a colorbox enabled insert
  • Option to use admin theme for Iframe in D7
  • Option to provide edit box for links on insert form
  • fixed title attribute in insert
  • Added enforced maximum scale option
  • D7 Views support:
    • There are three default views
    • Imagepicker Colorbox Gallery
    • Imagepicker jCarousel Gallery
    • Imagepicker Galleria Slideshow Gallery
    • See the README in the views folder for details

In development versions:

  • Fixed Presets bug in D7

Drupalcode links:
Imagepicker 6.x-2.x on git
Imagepicker 7.x-1.x on git

Patches welcome!
Please report bugs and support requests on the Issues Page

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