Not sure whether this bug is in views or endless page.

Trying to create a page display with style endless view.

I cannot preview the display or save my work because of the error:

Display Defaults uses fields but there are none defined for it or all are excluded.

If I look at the page display, under fields, views says The style selected does not utilize fields.

If I look a the views defaults, under fields, views says None defined.

As I said, I can't save my work, which is annoying.


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I had the same Situation until I understand the reason.

Possible cases for Views with filtered Nodes:
1. Change the "Row style:" to "Node". Then "Teasers" will be shown for nodes.
2. You need to add something to "Fields" to kept it working.
If you are going to show the teaser (as we do in 99% for Views) then you have to add {Node: Teaser} in the "Fields".
Also I expect you'll make Label empty when you configure {Configure field Node: Teaser} to prevent extra line with this extra title.

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Version: 6.x-1.x-dev » 6.x-2.1

I have the exact same problem. I can't change any of the options o the view panel. A screen which tells me tha there is an error pops up. There is no way i can change any of the options in the panel, nor i cant create my own view.

I am happy to see that some of the people wiith this problem have sorted it out, but nor me :(

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i am trying to do block in views section i cant save my block what i have created ,and getting error Display Defaults uses fields but there are none defined for it or all are excluded.

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I would like to use a endless view on this page:
I use fields for this view not teasers.
But it seems not to be possible to use endless view with fields ?

Could you help me ?

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ihave same problem

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Issue summary: View changes

I had the same problem.
I've solved it by adding a field(random) to the block view.