Hello all! I am very new to the worlds of both CMS and Drupal. I have played around with a few open source CMS and Drupal hands down seems to be the most professional and powerful and I like it very much...Moving forward...I am using 1and1 Shared Webhosting services. Everything is good thus far however there is a 100MB limit on the DB size. I am allowed to have 25 100 meg DB under my plan. So I called technical support and politely asked if they would increase the size of my one DB instance I use and shrink the pool of available Databases (I only need 1 right now) and they said they will not do that and I need a dedicated server at 100 dollars a month (not doing this either). So my question is this, is it possible to make use of multiple database instances since I still have 24 remaining available to me to increase my size limits? Any suggestions or comments are welcome. TIA for the helping the noob :)
Ver 6.9


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As far as I know there is no way to use multiple databases as a singular database.

That said, 100MB in today's techonology climate isn't very much. Change hosts.

Keep in mind though that shared hosts, often have some kind of limit. ie: pay special attention to their RUP (Resouce Usuage Policy)