I have installed Content Profiles and created a profile node type with a taxonomi cck field.

I have created a normal node type with the same taxonomi cck field.

This is what I want to do:

Show a list of normal nodes that has the same taxonomi field value as the current users profile node.

How can I do this with views? Any ideas?

I guess the relationships should be:

user > profile node > taxonomi field == taxonomi field < content type

thanks Bo :-)


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I did similar with a node that had a user reference.

I have a node with cck user reference. In the relationships I added that field. I also added the two content profile types I have to the relationship list and selected the first field as that relationship type.

From then on I was able to add the content profile fields to the views field list (selecting the respective content profile as the relationship) and views only showed me the data from the users from the cck user ref of the node.

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@arlind did you solve your problem ?

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Component: Documentation » Base module

When I want to add a relationship using content profile relation in views 2 through another relation (A -> B -> content profile)
It says "Content type field is required." and at the bottom of the page "Content type: *" added but there is nothing in front of it. I have only one type for content profile type.

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@arlind did you solve your problem? or has somebody of the views experts an idea?

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thanks to marcvangend for the perfect solution he mentioned in http://drupal.org/node/411336

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Version: 6.x-1.0-beta3 » 6.x-1.0


I had the same experience as masood_mj with every module up to date at this time ( May 5 2010 )
Annoying point : views requests a content type with no field in front of it and at the same moment do not allow to suppress the node : content profile relationship.
As i did'nt create a content profile before, i created one. No change.

Hard solution : deactive Content Profile module... then delete the "erroneous relationship"

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I'm having this issue now...a while after this was last discussed...is this still an issue with content profile and views then??