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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:58

Release notes

Changes since DRUPAL-6--3-0-ALPHA5:

  • #318694 by drewish, Add CCK D5 upgrade compatibility check.
  • #295620 Fix includes to avoid "Call to undefined function field_file_load()"
  • #318993 by stella, Patch for problems found in code review.
  • #319339 by drewish, Don't keep rescanning files if they don't have a filefield_meta record.
  • #295620 by drewish, Revisiting the .inc includes.
  • #319114 by pasqualle, fix notices in field_file_save_file using variable names copy and pasted from field_file_save_upload.
  • #310698 by dopry, update the default value callback to only display a single extra filefield by default. There are still upstream issues with cck, see
  • #321342 by jhedstrom, display php's maximum upload side on filefield widget settings form.
  • #320330 by neochief, fix default value assignment in filefield_widget. huzzah! tnx.
  • #314049 by m29Corey, inlcude for install profiles... wow these dynamic includes are annoying. :)
  • #301398 by quicksketch: Install error: Call to undefined function content_notify().
  • #331599 by Moonshine: Use CCK's views relationship handler rather than the defaul views one.
  • #334468 by Sutharsan, cck/ not found during update.php. applied to head tnx.
    #295620, Call to undefined function field_file_load().. decided to include at a global level.
  • #330630 by ultimateboy, Imagefield mentioned in watchdog message.
  • #333994 by Grunog2, Not setting file permissions on uploads. set perms to 644 after file_save_upload in
  • change module in watchdog entry from imageapi to filefield... sillly copy and paste errors.
  • #291383 by webchick, hook_file_download() causes 404 for filefield-derived fields on private download
  • #325198 by Amitaibu, Maximum upload size per node is never checked for unrequired field
    good catch... thanks.
  • #318216 by neochief, Multiple items becomes shuffle after creating a node
  • #328943 by close, Typo in
  • Make the JS to bounce invalid extensions a little smarter on what it targets.
  • #342336 by drewish: Revisit JS filtering so it works with spaces between extensions and uses a common error class name so other modules can use the same JS.
  • #342336 by drewish: follow up to fix a bug.
  • Dropping the extraneous and merging it back into the .module.
  • Clean up some PHP warnings.
  • #349319 by Rob Loach: JavaScript on every page.
  • #345998 by mfb: Pop up error when trying to remove an image.
  • by arthurf, add #attributes support to filefield elements outer wrapper.
  • #310126 by Rob Loach: Filefield Meta erasing file descriptions.
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