I'm using insert view to send my frontpage to all my simplenews subscribers.
Everything is fine except that in the email content there are even the hover links over views (Modify, Export and Clone links).
If I disable the over links the mail is sent without them.


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I agree this is an issue. Ideally, the insert_view calling syntax would include an option to disable the hover links. For my purposes, I never want them in inserted views, so I hacked the module and added a single line to the _insert_view_substitute_tags() function:

94      $view = views_get_view($viewname);
95      $view->hide_admin_links=1;	          // added to disable hover links
96      $replace = "";
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There are more ways to achieve this posted here:

...advantage being that you can turn off the hoverlinks for just a single view.

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can we expect an official new release with a solution? the "patch" is working for me
but it would be really nice to have a "clean"solution as I would expect the hover links
to be displayed when I admin the page containing the view(s) but not displayed for
anonymous users...

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Hopefully this is patched. The only reason I was able to find this solution was because I also use simplenews. Unfortunately, there are probably people having this same problem with other ways of using insertview.