As we get ready to do a release for a D6 version we need to get at least basic Views 2 integration in.


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What sort of features do we require for this to happen? Does having Views integration negate the need for any extra permissions, ie to move the default callback around and still be able to edit the list without having "Admin. Nodes" permissions?

Are we just talking about flagging a node's revisions as a views filter or something?

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Basically I mean we should have at least the same views functionality that exists in the D5 version.

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Ahhh. I didn't know there was any. Time to look at that version then, I suppose! ;)

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Now that Views 2 can create listings of node revisions, I think it might be a good idea to remove any hard-coding listing pages/blocks from this module and replace them with equivalent views which could then be further customized for specific use cases. Seems like this would eliminate a lot of the feature requests that were running around during my day to show/not show the list of revisions to certain roles, or to add another column alongside the node title, or whatever.

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I concur - the lack of Views support is what made me hack at the hook_menu_alter function to move the page to a different callback, which of course then broke most of the permissions. Of course, if the view works ok, then the permissions stuff should be irrelevant, which would be doubly awesome.

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subscribing, subscribing...

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subscribing, willing to test the views integration as it is implemented..

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Marking this as duplicate in favor of #602272: Views 2 support implemented where the patching is happening.