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MD5: 71a5f10609c8cce32bae5a09a2913ba5
SHA-1: e7784811819f4cf4c0a9459fb290e0ef2fd1cb61
SHA-256: 424de121114906fbb5e19e662e8362636451e180f112885046a717c6fc1067df
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MD5: b7040507e0b4b12652dc0093718a9974
SHA-1: 6dc48d9188601561089381e0eeb162386d3729d0
SHA-256: d640a9edd7e9257a61b4bc70f52463d4adffcd8392b16461fdaaa3f697da421b

Release info

Created by: merlinofchaos
Created on: 16 Dec 2008 at 19:18 UTC
Last updated: 18 Dec 2008 at 11:20 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: Security update, Bug fixes

Release notes

This release fixes a security issue. See SA-2008-075 - Views - SQL Injection for details.

Bugs fixed:

  • #305756: Number formatting caused illogical rounding.
  • #324272 by neochief: hook_pre_render never called.
  • #324058: Broken queries created by string values in multiple fields.
  • #324726: "tag" fields should be autocomplete in View edit.
  • #324058 by yched: Make aliases safer for many to one tables.
  • #325765: Prevent key merge errors on query::add_where and query::add_having.
  • #324378: Minor usability improvements to the list page.
  • #326934: Need another check to make sure already added aliases do not get blown away.
  • #324513: If a relationship table was added more than 1 hop away from the base, SQL errors resulted.
  • #326129 by mindgame: Not between operator did not function.
  • #326198: != mistakenly typod as = (display only)
  • #326379: Provide a default title for the archive view.
  • #327151: Add filter for node_counter.timestamp.
  • #327113: Clean up error text when display will not validate.
  • #307287: (Panels related) view::preview() would override previously set arguments if no arguments were sent.
  • #321589: Comment template preprocessor misnamed so it would not fire.
  • #329746: Comment rendering in the node row style was not working.
  • #321109: view::destroy() needs to unset current_display or future init_displays won't work.
  • #325115: If the block description is not set, show the display title as well as the view name in block administration.
  • #327604 by henrrrik: should use multibyte string functions.
  • #328933 by cmyers: views_handler_filter_date fails to use exposed operator.
  • #332568 by Moonshine: Correct views performance timers.
  • #332679 by yched: render_link() does not check for empty data.
  • #333593: Incorrect reference to non-existent views_handler_join in help/api-tables.html.
  • #334337 by miro_dietiker: Documentation clarification for arguments, blocks and PHP Code plugins.
  • #336456 by dww: Date filter had trouble with NULL operators.
  • #336125 by nedjo: Missing filter for node translation.
  • #337360: Menu selection causes crash if menu module not active.
  • #339295 by katbailey: AJAX paging could fail with the same view in multiple tabs.
  • #339676 by nedjo: Source translation had wrong filter handler.
  • #340002 by hass: Allow the "Add display" button to wrap for translations whose phrase is longer.
  • #340033 by pancho: Clearer wording on some field help texts.
  • #340515: views_perm() was incorrectly views_ui_perm().
  • #330897: Invalid displays causing 'path' lookup to crash.
  • #339674 by nedjo: Translation code cleanup.
  • #341897: views_perm() mistakenly declared in views_ui.module.

Other changes:

  • Reorganize the analysis code into to make it easier for people to find the code and use it externally.
  • #298884 by neclimdul: Requested missing filter to filter for whether a user has a picture or not.
  • #336531 by dww: Set boolean filter to not use a checkbox which is lesser UI.
  • #338632 by drewish: Remove use of format_rss_channel and use proper templating instead.
  • #326034 by yched: Allow short names in admin summaries via new "title short" definition.
  • #335613 by swentel: Add hook_views_api() setting to bulk export.
  • #339707 by nedjo: Add filter to show child translations.
  • #284768 by drewish: Proper templates for RSS feeds rather than format_rss_item().


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