the forums are crawling with posts regarding "navbar-inner" not working properly. i'm willing to hazard that everyone who's experiencing these problems is using "float:left" to get the primary links to appear inline (as opposed to "display:inline). in this case, the navbar-inner needs the clear-block class, or the float elements (the LIs) will break out of the container.

i fixed this in my own sub-theme by adding the clear-block class to the page.tpl.php file, but it really should be added to the theme in general and to the starterkit. clear-block is applied to all other divs that contain floating elements (main, header, etc).

anyone know how to get this done? it's relatively minor but it'll keep a lot of folks from baning their heads against the wall.


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Are you sure?
My pate.tpl.php has

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Sounds like a good idea. Fixed!

You're in the CHANGELOG now, debonator!

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