When Printing long pages from Zen theme or a Subtheme only the first page of content prints. After this, a blank page two will print but nothing else.

Removing this line from layout.css fixed the problem so all pages of a long page will print:

/* If a div.clear-block doesn't have any content after it, Firefox and Safari
     will mistakenly place several pixels worth of space between the bottom of
     the div and the bottom of the viewport. This fixes it. */
  #page { overflow-y: hidden; } /* CSS3 property */

I am using Firefox 3.0 on Linux, Mac, and PC.

Can others verify this bug?



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Or better yet.. just add this line to the bottom of print.css

#page { overflow-y: visible; }

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Title: Printing broken: Cannot print content after page one from Zen theme and Subtheme » Content clipped after page one when printing in Firefox
Status: Active » Fixed

Fixed! Thanks for the bug report. :-)

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.

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Component: Code » layout.css

I stumbled upon this because I have some CCK fields missing at the end of the first page. I'm continuing work after someone and there is already

/* Prevent cutting the page after 1 page */
	#page { overflow-y: visible; }

in the print.css. The remaining pages print, but two CCK fields are missing. They do print in other page when the length of the page is different.