Hi guys:
I'm gonna start off working on an OLAP project where people feed raw data into database and the system will generate statistics or reports based on specific data analysis calculations performed on the stored data. User customizable formula is desired but not required.

Our team have not yet decided platform for the system but I am pretty inclined to drupal. I discovered computed field after a little while searching the site and was thinking of a combination of computed field and views. I'd like to get some advice from you guys about the best way to implement this system on drupal, if possible at all. Any input is welcome.



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Anyone? I'm about to decide how to implement the site..

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I am wondering how to do this in Drupal as well . Perhaps we can share ideas and see if we make any headway.
There is also

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I am using a ton of Drupal for web management, and want to move some of the data collection interfaces for my end-users into Drupal. get in touch if you are doing this with Drupal.


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The examples above doesn't really provide real OLAP solution. It's still a SQL report with a schema that will fall down to it's knees when you are dealing with the quantity of real world data. You want to be able to look at data at any aggregation level and any combination of crossjoins. Here's an example of a Pivot Table.


OLAP database is an outside abstraction from the transaction database. Basically has the same data but follows a strict schema to do robust querying. Drupal schema is a very nice and flexible for a transaction schema and not really geared towards querying and analyzing data. You might want to Google "star schema", "data warehouse", "OLAP cubes" and get a better high level understanding of the architecture paradigm.

I am currently working on a 3 tier Drupal module that entails ETL => DataWarehouse => OLAP.

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@Synerverse - I am developing a geographically referenced database of surface and ground water withdrawals across the state of Virginia. We are using drupal for the front end data collection and display engine. The speeds that the database operates at for this purpose are certainly adequate. We are also using this data to drive hydrologic models to simulate the environmental and water supply impacts of these withdrawals, and for the paramterization, drupal current data storage methods are just fine, however, as we attempt to bring more and more of the data analysis and visualization into drupal I anticipate bottlenecks.

If your project is going to be public, I am very interested in hearing about your ideas to see if we have a common interest.


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Hi robertwb,

Let's talk. You can find my email in my profile. Feedback does help me to develop the product.

Yes, it will be a contributed module.


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Hi - interested in finding out more about this. Please do you have a doc or any version so far? Thanks