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MD5: ea2a47052833892030541464ad6609a9
SHA-1: 68add872fd34bc534dfb76e39e8a7529bb3e8603
SHA-256: 15e877876916300cdd8583618672404d8dd2841b33bfb289d146d09abc766119
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SHA-256: 588920a13c5bd913fcb795caab3b8891dd7b3c5d5ad92586157357202c55cba6

Release info

Created by: yched
Created on: 5 Nov 2008 at 19:42 UTC
Last updated: 6 Nov 2008 at 20:00 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x

Release notes


- VIEWS INTEGRATION - Filters available for CCK fields in Views have changed slightly since the RC releases.
If upgrading from a previous CCK RC release, you might get errors or warnings when displaying some views,
or find they don't display the expected results. You'll need to edit those views and redefine their filters.
This only applies to filters defined on Text or Number fields that specify a list of 'Allowed values'.
Filters on other CCK fields are not affected.

- SECURITY FIX - This release fixes (minor) cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities
in nodereference.module, userreference.module, content_copy.module, and CCK's Views integration
See the Security Annoucement on for more information.


Main new features since RC10:
- #300368 Add option on Display fields screen to omit fields or groups from the $content value passed to the node template.
- #298651 by smk-ka, yched - Nodereference/Userreference: Enhance performance on large sites.
This also adds 'autocomplete mode' widget settings (full string / beginning of string).
- #329447 add content_view_field() API function to display a single field, fully themed with label and multiple values, to be used by 3rd party code.

Other changes:
- Content_generate should be passing field info and updating $items.
- Fix bug in content_generate that was adding fully formatted textarea values to textfield fields.
- #329037 Fix small bug in content_generate function method of calling fields that handle their own multiple values.
- #324826 Change Advanced help path and topic to use & prefix per latest change in Advanced help.
- #324610 Add Advanced help files for basic fields and hooks so they'll show up in the CCK advanced help documentation. Intended to be used as examples by other field modules for a way to add more field documentation.
- #321024 Add content_associate_fields() to the content_check_update() function because it can get skipped when updates are aborted or the content module is not yet updated.
- Fix bad logic in testing content version variable to prevent warning messages before content module is updated.
- Get rid of t() around Views field label since Views already has it marked as a translatable option.
- #285470 by jhuckabee, store field label in the view in all cases, previously only custom labels were stored.
- #266309 by abbasmousavi, change silent fix to error message for invalid input into number fields.
- #318224 by brmassa, error in Content Copy handling of fieldgroups.
- #198508 Add messages to Manage fields screen about inactive fields.
- #320743 Revert group names uniqueness rules as per D5 behavior (group names unique only inside content types).
- #310219 followup : numeric (core) rendering modes were not preserved in some cases.
- Fix 'unknown index' warnings on fieldgroups settings pages.
- #320139 by Moonshine - Noderef / Userref: Fix single-quotes encoding in 'Views' mode with option widgets.
- #318143 by Douggreen - Panels integration: make widget label translatable.
- #321147 Views integration: float/decimal filters round values to integers.
- #321702 Views integration: fix rendering of multiple-values formatters.
- #322917 Upgrade path: Missing information text on update 6000 when content.module not enabled.
- Replaced theming instructions in theme/README.txt with advanced_help pages.
- #323436 by hass: fix a few strings + translation bugs.
- #323745 by robertgarrigos: Fix performance issue when submitting 'display fields' form.
- #316292 by fractile81: Turn potentially time-consuming updates into multi-pass updates.
- Remove unwanted 'N/A' option on noderef/userref fields using checkboxes.
- #319131 by Moonshine - Add 'title-raw' token for noderef fields.
- #324300 Views integration: fix sorting for multiple fields by allowing the sort to act on one specific delta.
Also disable tablesorting for multiple fields with 'group multiple values' option.
- Views integration: fix broken query for fields retrieved through relationships when relation is empty.
- #325262 Fix flawed logic in filtering out empty values.
- #297322 Views integration: display node title / user name for argument summaries with noderef / userref fields.
- #324301 Optionwidgets: check for maximum number of values.
- #320632 Content Copy: Make fields/groups checked for export by default + display the list in an overview table.
- Content Copy: Import / export weights of dnd-enabled non-CCK fields.
- #327715 Babysit 'invalid foreach' warnings caused by invalid incoming $node objects.
- #328763 Adjust weight of non-cck fields even if there are no CCK fields for the content type.
- Views integration: fixed a few non-relationship safe areas.
- Views integration: fix 'link this field to its node'+'group multiple'+relationships.
- #323681 Panels integration: make 'field as pane' work again.
- #311912 Views integration: The many_to_one filters for fields with 'allowed values' gain should not replace the regular 'starts with'/'greater than' filters.


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